Aria STG-003 - Black
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la souris 02/14/2005

Aria STG-003 - Black : la souris's user review


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Value For Money : Excellent
2 micros double + 1 single microphone (not like the photo), 22 frets, 2 Tone + 1 volume and a switch to bring it into force. Finally it has a rglage 5 positions but rather means Ralite 3 positions ... but the sound remains.


The neck is super end we walk over too well, the ACCS is easy to acute galre it has to play from the box 18 but hey, it must be said that will not often on the box 18 !


It is versatile I think the sound is clear plutt fit, when I plug my Big Muff on it so good: a bourrine, and in his or blues crunch is still not bad.
The sound is pretty slamming (but not as much as a Fender no longer important to RVer)
Frankly for the price it gives good it sounds.


I play with since ending for four years and has never possible to problem, it's a super good guitar to start, plus the price is really good for a: 180 short: good value qualitprix
What I like least is not having intrupteur rhythm / solo on a Epiphone as it was for that I will change it soon (I + This now and then especially of money take me to the top of the range). Well served when they have me even from my beginners and I advice all those who have no big budget.
If I had to buy a small electric scraper I repeat it sr.
But it is now time to pass the same stuff when balaise +.