Fender American Deluxe Stratocaster [2010-2015]
Fender American Deluxe Stratocaster [2010-2015]

American Deluxe Stratocaster [2010-2015], STC-Shaped Guitar from Fender in the American Deluxe Stratocaster series.

Mister_SdV 08/05/2011

Fender American Deluxe Stratocaster [2010-2015] : Mister_SdV's user review

«  Finishes very good but (for improvement) »

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American made in 2011 based on its serial number.
Three-tone sunburst alder body with two or three parts (I'm looking for three but am not sure)
Vibrato modern two attachment points.
Maple fingerboard with many hesitations between maple and rosewood.
22 boxes.
Three singles over N3 (Bill Lawrence from what I read on the net.)
5-way switch, one volume, two tones and S1


The handle is a delight, although I must get used to I'm more comfortable with a sleeve type LP (Profile 60's) or the wonderful round of the Epiphone Sheraton in 1993.
But back to the stratosphere: key offset radius of 9.5 at the beginning of a 14 to finish at the end!
The action is set to classic but I think we can go down again, I'd have to do the test.
The varnish of the back of the neck is a delight as the super silky touch that is certainly varnish (Maple forces) but the same varnish as the back: matt and silky.

Ergonomics, which is well established since the coup of 54 crayons engineering (although the form of precision bass comes out a few years earlier)
Good access to acute setting three points.


I play mostly rock, fusion, blues and metal and some rhythmic funcky that I like. Stratum is to go in all the styles S1 provides additional configuration as the micro bridge and neck together: the cuckoo's big humbucker!
The N is far from noiseless make up the numbers: no noise, nothing, zero!

I play on a line6 spider Jam, but I must just directs me to the lamps in order to really exploit the potential of this guitar.


She is still young the ptiote (made in 2011) I think we must wait until it gets better with age, but questions playability, sound, instrument making big we are in!

I would have much stick a 10 but ....

Let us now look at things less funny .... In addition to traces of polishing on all these guitars they cost 150 € or 3000, I found parts of dark sunburst of white dots: it seems to be dust not removed before the final stage set varnish ... I am a bit manic and I admit it I still itches a little. In short if you try go for it's all good but beware the sunburst or dark colors, make sure the light spots of the store!