Fender Special Edition Lite Ash Stratocaster

Fender Special Edition Lite Ash Stratocaster

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Special Edition Lite Ash Stratocaster, STC-Shaped Guitar from Fender in the Stratocaster series.

24 user reviews
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Fender Special Edition Lite Ash Stratocaster tech. sheet

  • Manufacturer: Fender
  • Model: Special Edition Lite Ash Stratocaster
  • Series: Stratocaster
  • Category: STC-Shaped Guitars
  • Added in our database on: 05/29/2006

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Fender Special Edition Lite Ash Stratocaster user reviews

Average Score:4.6( 4.6/5 based on 24 reviews )
 20 reviews83 %
 3 reviews13 %
 1 user review4 %
Value For Money :

Hatsubai's review"Awesome sounding strat"

Fender Special Edition Lite Ash Stratocaster
Ash seems to be one of the most under utilized woods by Fender, and I find that surprising considering that ash was the body wood of the first 10 original '54 strats. It's a great body wood, but you have to properly match the pickups, or else it can get a bit too odd sounding. The guitar features a lite ash body, a maple neck, 22 frets, dot inlays, a modern two point style tremolo system, three single coils, one volume, two tones and a five way switch.


The fretwork on this was pretty good. The ends were rounded off nicely, and they weren't cut back like I've seen on some other guitars. Some people just take a hard 45 degree angle when cutting fret ends, and I find that tends to be a mistake as the frets will fall off the fretboard. These didn't have such an extreme angle. The frets themselves were mostly level, but there were a few that were slightly low. It was only noticeable when you started bending past 1 and 1/2 steps with medium to low action. The nut was cut properly, so no issues there. The neck joint was also fairly tight with just a small gap. The bridge is awesome, and I find this to be much better feeling than the vintage style one.


The guitar has SCN pickups installed in it. For those that don't know, these are the special pickups that Bill Lawrence made with Fender. They're super silent, have tons of power and work great for guitars like this. The bridge pickup is very modern and powerful. It can do metal without too much of an issue. The middle + bridge is good for clean, funky sounds. The middle pickup alone sucks, but I hate the middle alone. The neck + middle works awesome for cleans, and the neck is great for lead tones. The guitar also had the S1 switch put on it, but I find that to be fairly useless.


These are great guitars, and the extra bottom end of the ash body really gives this guitar something special in terms of tone. Alder is a good wood, but I like to mix it up with ash once in awhile. If you're looking for that strat tone but slightly different, get this guitar.
Dani Leuwen12/29/2006

Dani Leuwen's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Fender Special Edition Lite Ash Stratocaster
This guitar t manufactures in Korea. Finally factory is a big word, the correct term would rise. The parts of the guitar does have imported and assembled in factories Cort.
The body is made of ash slectionn marshes. It is in 2 parts. The handle is about him Maple Maple with a touch in 22 boxes. Vibrato is knives. This is the same as that found on models Standart Stratocaster US. Was then at the volume pots and 2 tonalities. the pickup selector offers 5 positions. Microphones bah ah talk. It was here Seymour Duncan Alcino. And frankly, these pickups are great (I'll talk in the section sonority.


The neck is maple in C. It is equipped with 22 boxes. This handle gives a sustain sick, with its clear sound and cirstallin in the treble. It has great precision. Level playability the handle is very very comfortable. The access to the desti- nations most recently frets is done without any worries. The ergonomics are exemplary. It weighs just nearly 3 Kg and is therefore perfect for the scene.
Do you get a good sound with ???? We wonder if we get a good sound with ???
But we have a divine sound with.


It's perfect my style of music. I can play jazz, it ensures, blues, it also ensures, rock is its domain, the Mtal (not nomtal) it is made for. I play Yngwie Malmsteen, Andy Timmons, of Satriani, Deep Purple, the Masterplan, Patrick Rondat, Led Zeppelin, ACDC, Gary Moore. What all !!!
I play with an old Peavey 30W and I use a Zoom GFX1 for effects.
With rglages we get a sound very nice in the bass. The pickups are super gniaux, they have a potato and a precision that rivals the Americans microphones.
Put slecteur in the bridge position and up the distortions you both a brilliant and prominent, prcis, sharp. Sound incoryable !!!
The sound in the midrange resembles that of a hugely Signature Mark Knopfler.
I love these sonorits.
Now I use a Marshall MG100DFX, and I must say that the combination is gniale. I love that sound, sonority can be very hendrixienne. When I use the overdrive with the chorus, I have a merger that is sublime. The MG100DFX-lite ash combo is really great.


I've had just a week. I got it for my birthday.
This guitar is pretty. As well as in aesthetic sound. His feeling is great. I love playing dessus.C'est really the sound of a Stratocaster but with a character that has its own (thanks to micro I think). Actually I tried many models before acqurir. In particular I played on amricaines, ibanez, the Grestch, deluxe player stratovolcano. Signature Mark Knopfler. And I confess this guitar combl me. She did not look but it is a US. I think it's the guitar that suits me the most. Quality level price is unbeatable I think. The equivalent of a US Fender Mark Knopfler 600. With the experience I would do this choice ferms eyes for sure. This guitar is a guitar that I really love the most. I sparerai me for anything.

david@dls's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Fender Special Edition Lite Ash Stratocaster
Manufactured in core
corp in Ash 2 superb parties
22 Fretes, floating bridge wilkinson a 2-point
3 micro single Seymour Duncan SSL1 handle APS1 middle and APS1 easel
micro and electronic location graphite paint was coated on to limit noise, good point.
1 volume and 2 Tone middle handle and 5-way switch
maple neck birdseyes V on the top and flattens slightly down.
it is fine and pleasant, the very fine polish and polish does not stick at all, which is very pleasant.
negative point to finish level: my sleeve mounting plate was screwed slightly askew, there is a micro site that was not to be deep enough when mounting the factory plate and instead of remake a small clean defonce it is put a hammer or screwdriver to dig, no class. and finally the guitar is delivered in cardboard without being regl. (Neck, bridge height and pitch of the bridges.


Handle very comfortable for agreement thumb hole on the top and for a quick game in the bottom of the inning thanks to its ergonomic
access to acute always room because the heel and square apais May remains correct
Legre guitar of solid ash.
after having rgl beautiful, immediately gives a very good sound regardless of the position of the selector, but I have found the seymour too loud and too harmonic, the sound is not enough round slamming too shiny my ears n not support.
I have changed for cobalt semarium fender noiseless and it's all beauty .....
I m scotch. of severe roundness, a crystalline acute slap, responds perfectly to differente attacks. brief happiness.
his blues cry in the neck position and intermediate tres rounder, slamming into middle and even more in bridge for solo dork.
therefore 10/10 with new micro


I play on a roland micro cube and a JCM 800, in 2 cases the sonority are superb, but my neighbors prefers micro cube 2 watts
I play most often in the neck position and ntermedaire middle sleeve.
middle to funk and casseroles.
blues guitar rather ax but little do everything with, rock, funk, jazz, avoiding the extreme.
a small negative point, as soon as we lower the volume to have less and less slamming crunch, acute decline also damage.


I love the, I have a Cort katana complement for the more extreme style that requires more saturation but I mostly use this one at present.
I have tried SEVERAL strat fender before the purchase and I find what Ringer far better than all the other few understood us.
excelent price quality ratio j not hesitate to buy it back, paying attention to Dtail finish. (Well it's hard to disassemble a micro plate in a store)

Jaguarillo26's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Good instrument, but change"

Fender Special Edition Lite Ash Stratocaster
Korea gear assembly with the USA in the Cort factories. American vibrato bridge / tremolo that (for me) not tune anything if it is not for Floyd, at the same time the guys with this kind of bridge it is expected that the guitar goes out of tune! Should stop criticizing everything and then also out € 1,200 for a Custom Shop with self-locking mechanical. Maple neck with maple fingerboard 22 frets cut V silhouetted C (special, but nice). It is speckled super class, very abalone inlays Custom. 3 Seymour Duncan Alnico (still!) And, as in other strat, 3 buttons flight tone and 5-way switch.


Channel super nice! So, without contradicting that negative opinions can give, I think there are good and bad lite ash. It's like anything, they do not all plants with the same quality out, that's why there are luthiers, these are people that you adjust your guitar and ho magic, can be improved by changing the you do not like! I actually changed and the bridge pickup (not my sound, too loud) against a hot rails, the nut (poor quality must be said) against a resin plant in mechanical and cons of self-locking Kluson Deluxe. The guitar takes a standard strat body so super well balanced and certainly a little heavier BECAUSE IT'S ASH and that's it for me that's the beauty of this guitar, super natural finish that recalls those of the period CBS 1970. The sound is good to stop! It is super versatile, and after CAN CHANGE EVERYTHING YOU WANT IF IT DOES NOT PLEASE!


I'm looking for a sound ranging from surf rock to blues, so I changed everything accordingly (the middle is for me very well for surfing with a good reverb). For me the pickups are good, much better than the stuff "classic '60 'found on the Southwestern who have no class and made limited. Here we are on a SINGLE guitar to tame, it's not like a Fender Clapton Shadows or other, that is clear, but not limited to that, she stands out. I play a Vox AC15 tube, rendering is excellent, the microphones respond really well, and let the varnish very well pass sound. Must call a spade a spade, this guitar worth.


I have since 2009 (I had the time to draw a little haha). I tried a bunch of guitars, the Southwestern, jap and us. This kind of guitars you see everywhere and everyone. This one is really unique, all luthiers who could see were surprised by his record compared to this little annotation behind the "made in korea" head. The price / quality ratio is excellent, really, the paint is perfect, the handle does not move and is very GOOD QUALITY. Ok, some elements should be changed, and this is called "taking care of his instrument." I respect much a musician who drags a guitar that looks to force him to customize a guitar enthusiast who changes every 6 months without ever being happy.
You want quality Fender? You want a single instrument? For cheap? Find you a Lite Ash.

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  • Fender Special Edition Lite Ash Stratocaster

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