G&L Legacy
G&L Legacy

Legacy, STC-Shaped Guitar from G&L in the USA series.

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All user reviews for the G&L Legacy

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Average Score:4.9( 4.9/5 based on 11 reviews )
 9 reviews82 %
 1 user review9 %
Value For Money : Excellent
MGR/G&L Lover06/23/2004

MGR/G&L Lover's review"G and L Legacy"

G&L Legacy
Purchased (used) at Atomic Music in College Park MD. Traced the serial number back to a 1995 production date. Paid $550 (hardshell case included).

I had been shopping for a strat for several months. I played multiple Fender US and Japanese models over this time period and while they were decent, I never felt overly impressed with any of these guitars. I had read excellent things about the G&L's but I'd never seen one until I noticed a Legacy sitting on the rack at Atomic music. After 10 minutes of putting this guitar through it's paces and looking for any nasty blemishes (none were found) I bought it without reservation.

THE TONE is incredible! Guitar Player magazine reviewed these guitars a while back and raved about how the pickups were truly a vintage recreation of the original 50's strat pickups. Though I've never actually played a 50's original strat, I can easily say these pickups produced the sweetest, fullest and most dulcet tones I've ever heard coming out of a single coil hands down. None of the $1000+ Fenders I played sounded even remotely this full and sweet.

The G&L Dual Fulcrum vibrato bridge also works extremely well. I've smacked the crap out of this whammy bar and the guitar stays in tune very well...it did put a smidge of graphite powder in the nut grooves in order to enhance this.

I didn't play one sooner...I wouldn't have wasted my time trying out Fenders.

Everything about this guitar seems perfect to me. The alder body is a beautiful 3-tone sunburst with a white pick guard, hard rock maple neck with rosewood fingerboard. The fit and finish is first rate. The guitar is entirely American made and ever piece (except for the locking machine heads) were hand crafted in the G&L manufacturing plant in Fullerton CA. All the wood pieces are hand worked...no automated machinery is used to craft any of the parts of G&L instruments. As soon as you hold this guitar, you just feel the quality and craftsmanship.

If you are thinking about a strat of any ilk, please do yourself a favor and try out the G&L Legacy. You wont find a better instrument made by Fender anywhere nears this price range. Don't take my word for it...read the reviews here: http://www.glguitars.com/reviews/Legacy.asp

BTW: If you're not aware, the "L" in G&L stands for "Leo"...Leo Fender that is. He started G&L in 1980 after he left MusicMan.

This review was originally published on http://www.musicgearreview.com
MGR/Blues Guy01/27/2004

MGR/Blues Guy's review"G and L Legacy"

G&L Legacy
For months, I was looking for a quality sounding guitar that was not going to break my bank. I found my G&L Tribute Legacy at Manny's Music (NYC) -- just walked in after deadheading my 9-5 and walked out with a $370 classic.

In my quest for that mellow, growling twang, I tried various Fender Stratocasters (through various amps) ranging from the "standard" Mexican-made models, to the Jimmy Vaughn, a 50's reissue, a Powerhouse Strat, and an Antiqua model (made in Japan) with vintage pickups. Although I liked the sound the Fenders, they sounded a little thin to me, especially in the bridge position, and surprisingly, in the neck position. Since I have never been a fan of humbuckers (sorry folks), so the prospect of upgrading pickups to humbuckers or stacked coils was not an option. The pickups on the G&L Tribute Legacy give me that classic sound that is distinctively Stratocaster, but also packs an added warmth and tonality that few Fenders Stratocasters could never offer without complete upgrades. This guitar suits my playing style (mainly blues and 60s R&B as in Beatles, Stones, Cream, etc.) and sounds deliciously awesome through a overdriven tube amp. IMHO the neck is considerably more comfortable than some of the other guitars I have tried (including a Les Paul and Epi Casino). This guitar OOZES quality, despite the fact that it is made in Korea; besides I never bought into that "be American, buy American" crap anyway. The fit and finish are perfect. The fact of the matter it was made with the same high quality basswood, manufactured to the same specifications as its American-made G&L counterpart and contains the same US made G&L pickups. And yes it is gig-worthy, and I will gig with it.

What is there not to like?

Construction is very high quality and G&L has full control over the production process. G&L's choice of wood and expert craftsmanship for the Tribute line speaks for itself. You'd be hard pressed to find a Fender Stratocaster that had the same overall quality. Did I mention that it's made in Korea?

Bottom line: Very high quality, excellent sound from G&L pickups, very appealing price. Highly recommended.

This review was originally published on http://www.musicgearreview.com

christian.cuisinier's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" What a slap!"

G&L Legacy
Fender a little 'd' (overweight ': a little bulky +, + as the frets are big, it's big +!
Made in Indonesia.
Bridge "dualFulcum" concept Leo Fender better than Fender and Musicman without doubt the perfection comes with time ...
22 frets; 3 single pickups USA (we know!) normal config; but "PTB" excellent view sounds.
-The maple fingerboard is beautiful and certainly very nice (I do not play enough or sweat to find out! ...).


No, for me, the handle is difficult because too big.
The weight is substantial but it is quality! (45 mm body and maple! ...) The strato ergonomics are excellent! ...
Idemme acute attacks; sounds: the great "50" genre? (I know, but after one or two Fender in 40 years (!), I think the G & L is better than the disappointments of "70s" and 80s are far ...


Play 'Start' is to have the courage to play "strength"! ... This is harder than all the guitars double / humbuckers ... It is also more exciting choice is subtle ... [VH 55 Bugera amp). I love all the sounds that are distinct, rare, which proves the quality of the whole.


Since 2012, 2 1/2 years. I had 22 guitars, it seems! I love the look, the warmth of wood (perhaps the key mapple?), Microphones ...
Price / quality 9/10. A remake with S500! ...

jimilu's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" A very good "Strat""

G&L Legacy
Is it still necessary to present the brand G & L? Maybe because there are still tanks. Leo FENDER, the same one who created the famous brand in the early 50s, after he sold his company to CBS in the late '60s as a doctor had diagnosed an incurable infection, went with George Fullerton, its companion debut Fender, after recovery (like what the infection was not incurable!) several projects including among others MusicMan and G & L guitars. He resumed in 1980, the evolution of Fender guitars where he had left at the time of the sale to CBS.
So the G & L guitars are manufactured in the USA in Fullerton, California (stands as George!), Legacy, since it is this model is a Stratocaster, alder body, maple neck, maple or rosewood fingerboard, three microphones, nothing but traditional. Some progress has nevertheless been made, the bridge is a "dual fulcrum" own brand and electronics has been redesigned with the system "PTB" which acts on the three microphones. To complete the tower owner original trussrod system and a genuine bone nut.


To use it is a Strat! Simply! The neck is super nice, not too thick or too thin, it fits comfortably in your hand, a 12 "radius in versin standard. Yes, because it must be said that everything is editable on a G & L is the custom shop! When I say this is to say that custom in the Anglo-Saxon vocabulary means "custom development", so it is you who choose to take a standard G & L or you can change the radius of the neck, finish, color body, its appearance (relic or not), mechanical (locking) etc ....


Here we come to the heart of the subject, the sound! The pickups have magnets AlnicoV, the sounds are worthy of a great Strat, all positions sound, there this particular sound in the intermediate positions. The guitar sounds good, varnish is not too thick, without being nitro (it also can have optional!) In no crunch and saturated stall microphones hold well, Hendrix, SRV, Clapton, BLACKMORE are all under your fingers.


I bought this Legacy OCCAZ because I've had two years a G & L asat (telecaster) and I was amazed by the level of finish, quality of workmanship and materials used, the sounds.
I have a Strat in the late 80s, already since I Asat, I almost cheek, then there with the Legacy I'm not ready to put their hands on!
At the risk of repeating myself, G & L is the logical evolution of Fender guitars, imagine Leo FENDER not sick, he does not sell Fender to CBS ...... you follow me? Maybe Fender Strat, Tele and others resemble the G & L today, who knows?
A negative for the brand, and yes there is a lack of distributors, almost impossible to try a model and if come across a dealer he has no model in stock! Then there is the review to get an idea and I have yet to see any negative reviews.
I have redo the choice of a G & L and I do not regret it at all.

zenthrope's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" The must-strat"

G&L Legacy
Manufacture: USA

AlNiCo 3 pickups such classic Strat

5-way switch

just like a fender except the handle is a bit wider: slightly confusing at first but got used to it very quickly and there are a great playing comfort

G & L vibrato: more stable than a Fender, do almost no guitar out of tune (the same time I use it too ...)


As I just said the handle is original and very enjoyable.

The shape is stratabound, in other words the perfect shape (it's so beautiful!)

The finishes are excellent! Both the quality of Fender USA continues to decrease every day at this level (sometimes it approaches the finish Gibson is saying ... ^ ^) as G & L continues to maintain an excellent finish.


So the sons, it was spanking:
vacuum, it resonates with his whole body (especially when playing an E on the D string at the 14th fret ...)

in its clear its a pure strat, this casserole well, although it twang, ... crystal clear, extremely dynamic.

in full: it's still clean and I do not see blast (at the same time I play so flat at low volume ^ ^)
The volume knob is very responsive: it is enough to increase it to really boost my sound: saturation and dynamics are well respected at every level of volume


I use it for 4 months

I recommend it to anyone wanting to buy his first Strat USA: better value than Fender, and plus it makes you someone original ^ ^

I would do a thousand times that choice!

After I moderate some comments that can be seen like "this is the same as the Fender custom shop": it remains to be seen (or rather hear) and compare ... But it is clear that if G & L had a custom shop, it would be much higher than the Fender ... (No, no I have no work at G & L, it's just that their guitars are too good and not too expensive)

ThreeLions's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Why buy a Fender?"

G&L Legacy
Manufacturing Usa
Channel 22 frets (very varnish)
3 alnico V single coil pickups
Different settings for a Fender: 1 volume, 1 treble, 1 bass


The handle takes a little getting used to:
A little bigger than a Fender Stratocaster from home and less fat than a Telecaster.
Only downside, it is very polished and when you sweat it tends to stick a little (it may be rotting my hands tell me you).
Access to acute a stratum with 22 boxes nothing to say.

Do you get a good sound easy?
Ben just depends in which one branch but it sounds like a vintage Start without spending 2500 euros


Versatile (it is the nature of the strata, um pardon Legacy).
Crystal clear sound pickup, warm neck pickup.

It has everything you seek is soft, warm, adjusting treble and bass and much smarter than the simple tone.
Then when she returned she slams into it (Can not stop playing the Red Hot has never been so good)

So I plug it into a Mesa Boogie Transatlantic TA 15 and 1X12 cab is good and no complaints. After the small adjustments made while she plays every single


I played on a Telecaster, well I do not press more.

2 months is my main guitar.

She is really nickel: build quality, sound ......

Buy a Legacy quickly instead of going to Euro 2500 in a Fender Custom Shop that does more than the name.

It's even better in quality and much cheaper.

My buddy has a special edition Stratocaster and uses it for 5 years wants to change to a Legacy ..... Fullerton and red of course

Bozo56's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Versatile guitar perfect"

G&L Legacy
Made USA.Couleur sunburst G & L bridge, rosewood fingerboard, 22 frets. Rglages just a DIFFERENT START: Volume gnral, an acute rglage, rglage a low trs effective. 3 alnico V single coil pickup, made in United States.


Channel trs enjoyable, a little more "big" as the stratum. Trs beautiful sound.


One can obtain a large plume of sound: the sound of the lens hot jazz. I never use the bridge pickup on any guitar.


+ I have a Start that does not sound the same, much more crystalline than the G & L Legacy, but less versatile.
In the era I pay $ 750 on eBay in the United States (including transport). Since she began cte be more, probably because of the range Korene which is more affordable and Submitted in Europe and making the commercial for the brand. (The bass is also trsrputes!)
You should know that Mr Leo Fender itself has Designed this guitar! This is a continuation of "his Fender decent adventure." He sold his factory to get back to fawn guitars craft, never forget that. G & L is no drive or copy of a Fender, it is the child of Mr. Fender itself.
Conclusion: it's a great guitar!
jeff monin01/08/2011

jeff monin's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

G&L Legacy
Mapple round neck (strat-style vintage)
guitar made in usa (manufacturing quality)
this acts as a stratum (in fact it is one) with something truly authentic gaming experience, sound optenue, grain fabulous .... but good!


A handle that just seem a little roots departing ... but soon becomes very likely familiar
very good access to acute .. sounds microphones are really very good
a reasonable weight for this style of guitar ....


On a tube amp (Fender deluxe style .... ect) is a winner


I use on stage and studio .... . no worries
the price on the market opportunity is ridiculous for a scratch like this
I have lots of guitars (and thirty years of practice (my god already!) and I must say that it really has a great personality
it will, I am a collector in the future (and therefore a good investment)
big favorite for those insured and those who are in search of sounds fenderiens .....

ouil's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

G&L Legacy
See specifications further notice.
The woods used are beautiful: a beautiful maple for the neck, a beautiful sunburst which I have never seen the eqivalent even on more expensive guitars.
Note: the handle is made of two glued parts which explains the absence of the tongue to drown the usual rounds with no button reported.
Last specification, the two tone controls have a functioning original, namely that they manage for the first treble and bass respectively.
I put a 9 for the manufacturing quality of a very high level.


The handle: it has a uniform profile throughout its C longueur.Relativement thick, it remains confortable.le important point to note is that forgives nothing: it is quite unsettling for users of the strats classiques.Cependant might appear as a defect is in fact its high quality: In addition to the fact that it will greatly improve the accuracy of the guitarist playing his instrument that works seriously, he transcribed absolutely every nuance of the game and gives an absolutely extraordinary expressiveness to guitare.Pour this conclusion on this race I would call demanding: it repels the bad guitar, but good like it a lot (I found out by having to try full of scratch)
Access to acute, that of a Start
Ergonomics: the average weight
gives you one easy to sound good? no further because the handle which I have mentioned the pickups are in the same vein: accuracy


Style of music: blues mainly, but also jazz, funk and reggae.
the microphones are top quality: they are extremely accurate and translate all the nuances of the game, with very good dynamic sound is very pure and delicate (as opposed to the draft standard or strata texas special pickups such that I find were too strong almost artificial). we can finally note that crunches are beautiful and the largest loadings are never messy means that each note separately, and the guitar responds to quarter turn to the variations of Attack of the plectrum (a treat in blues with a good saturation moving from a subtle crunch to singing or screaming saturated with nothing but the intensity with which you attack the strings and a slight increase in the volume).
micro serious: plain, lowering his tone, his jazzy mellow tone up the clapping and singing her
serious micro and medium: variation of the position mentioned above but "dull", more adapted to the rhythmic
micro center: perfect for arpeggios in his clear, beautiful musicality
micro center and acute: in my opinion the only weak point of the skyscraper: the position is normally typical for the funk, he was obviously in contrast to other positions but I find it less excellent compared to classic strats
micro acute: it is true then the good surprise connoisseurs strats understand me, it is often the weak point of traditional strats, that's a little loud and musical, with the scratches at all, it was a dynamics and especially impressive, I repeat, MUSIC!

Finally, note the operating characteristics of the 2 tone knobs: one manages the acute of all positions of the selector and the second bass in the same façon.Ce is interesting about it is that can be used in the same way as the boost on this strats clapton and buddy guy (with a more measured course as the rest of passive electronic): for rhythm you put it in 7 / 8 and at go to solo it is put at 10, which is bigger sound (also very interesting within a solo add a little aggression and sustain additional times or you want to increase the intensity ).

I use this guitar with a hot rod deluxe (tube amp needed to bring out the qualities) and a budda phatman in overdrive; With this equipment the sound that comes closest to what I get is those of clapton on ridding albums with the king or the tribute to robert johnson


I have this guitar for the past 5 ans.Pour the record before it had a standard American Fender Start that I sold to buy an ovation, and no longer a Sheraton Electric (which is a dark shit by the way) I wanted to find a good strato.j 've tried the whole range of Fender American Classics at custom shops through signature patterns over several months, before falling on the g & l and there fell in love ! Compared to any Fender I find it much better (except for the custom shops). the quality / price ratio appears exceptional in light of what it costs the equivalent in fender custom shop (the g & l is 1500euros among fender count 1000euros more at least).

macko's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

G&L Legacy
This is THE START!
Fully hand fabrication Fullerton (suburb of LA) in California.
Mine dates from 1997. certificate under the hand of Ms. Lo Fender, the same.
simple vintage microphones without snoring.
amlior vibrato over Fender: heavier, better sustain
Alder body, handle, saddle and rosewood fingerboard.


Trs enjoyable round, the key is oil, not varnished.
Jumbo frets, intonation prcise.
the sound is just above all that can be made Fender, including MODELS signature.
You should know that G & L is the initials of those who made the original Fender (Fender George Fullerton and Lo) and the Music Man. G & L is the culmination of Fender.
All styles are possible with the Legacy, the guitar is universal. Although the trash and trs big sound, there are more brands Specializes.


Ideal for the Blues, Rock, Pop, Jazz, Varita.
I play on an all-tube Laney 30watts.
The notes are always distinct, never really fat, or it must add effects.
I prfre the neck pickup for jazz, removing a bit of treble.
Rglages of the high and low trs are effective.
the 2nd position down to the micro acute idalie is for country, rockabilly surf and other.
bridge pickup, its brand is well-crunch perfect for blues and rock Texas, zztop type.


I have 6 years. I play guitar (not well-trs) from prs 40.
The color is cherry sunburst with a beautiful varnish, made by hand: splendid.
I wanted to buy dpart Start Plus, I tried a dozen before falling on the Legacy.
In the cost, I did not know the price, I thought I could not pay me because it silent so above the rest!
Reading the reports on the sites us, this confirms my choice.
The ratio quality price is excellent, although since it is 50% more expensive.
If I had to buy a Start, it's G & L that I choose not hsiter.