Yamaha Pacifica PAC112V
Yamaha Pacifica PAC112V

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Average Score:4.3( 4.3/5 based on 26 reviews )
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Value For Money : Excellent
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MGR/MV, La Habra, CA05/03/2007

MGR/MV, La Habra, CA's review"Yamaha Pacifica 112"

Yamaha Pacifica PAC112V
Hobbyist. Love blues guitarists like Stevie Ray Vaughan, Buddy Guy, Walter Trout. Also like rock guitarists like Joe Satriani and Yngwie Malmsteen.

Won it on ebay for $111.00 ($142 with shipping).

The overall look and feel is excellent. (Mine is the natural color with the solid wood body and rosewood fingerboard). A solid alder body at this price point is unheard of. It sports the look and feel of a natural colored stratocaster at a fraction of the price.

One minor complaint- I don't like the appearance of the tuning machines. They look a little cheap. However, the guitar stays in tune no matter how hard I hit it, so they do their job. If I ever change them out, it will be for purely cosmetic reasons.

The construction is solid. The alder body is rock-hard and is tightly bolted to the neck. The pickups show no signs of coming loose. There are no dead frets. The neck is thin and smooth, so easy to play. The guitar is surprisingly loud when you play it unplugged. The pickups, while not incredible, are more than good enough to play AC/DC-like riffs and blues licks, and the clean sounds are excellent. The quality is remarkable for a $200 guitar.

I have long wanted a Fender Stratocaster with a natural wood body. In order to get one, I would have to pay at least $500 for a Mexican 70s reissue (that's the cheapest version that has the natural finish). Until I can buy one, this Pacifica provides me with the same vibe and look for less than $150! Even after I get my strat, I will hang on to this guitar as my knock-around instrument. In my opinion, it is just as good as any standard Mexican strat for about half the price. I love this guitar.

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MGR/subidooby's review"Yamaha Pacifica 112"

Yamaha Pacifica PAC112V
I've bought this piece of quality gear in Dowsons in Abingdon. It was brought over from another shop within hours. I paid 169 GBP for it and bought Marshall 30 MG with it :)

It realy does the trick, the distinctive 5 position switch gives clearly different sounds in all positions, the humbucker is perfect. The neck I believe is black rosewood, really nice, and it is very easy to play. I've always wanted an electric guitar that can be used fo all different styles and friends recommended this one for a start. I reckon this is one item that will stick to me for a long time

It seems that the high pitch notes and the thin strigs are not loud enough but then I bougth a very light gauge. I plan to change the strings in a few day anyway.

It's colour called 'translucent dark green' Unfortunately the did not have it in Sunburst. When I first saw it, I could hardly take my eyes of it, the finish is absolutely gorgeous and

Very good value and quality guitar to start with and to play all styles. Highly recommended.

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MGR/jamie's review"Yamaha Pacifica 112"

Yamaha Pacifica PAC112V
I got this guitar for my birthday second hand but would be approx £200 new. when I bought it, it had a few dents and scratches in the wood but otherwise good condition.

I really like the wooden finish but it shows up scratches a bit. The varnished neck feels nice for slide guitar especially. It also stays in tune very well.

I had a problem with the jack socket at first but it was just a loose earth wire. t
The wood dents quite easily but its not very noticeable. The whammy bar does take it out of tune alot but it is easy to tune again. nothing very serious.

Nothing has ever fallen off or broken on the guitar so I guess its strong. When it comes to taking the back off the electrics are all fine but putting the back, back on the screws can cut new grooves in the wood. you just have to be careful.

Its a great begginer or intermediate guitar and great value for money. I play it through a Squier 42 watt amp and sounds great for rock, blues and heavy metal. Its great!

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MGR/Tristan 08/19/2004

MGR/Tristan 's review"Yamaha Pacifica 112"

Yamaha Pacifica PAC112V
I bought this in Axe music in colchester about 2 years ago for £170.

I like the feel of the guitar and i also like the look and shape.

I dont like the scratch plate on it also i would prefere if it came with 2 humbucker pickups instead of one.

It is well made and its great for a beginner and intermediate guitar players.

The guitar is a great buy for all those beginner guitarists who want a good first guitar to last them.

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MGR/Anonymous9's review"Yamaha Pacifica 112"

Yamaha Pacifica PAC112V
This was my first electric guitar, I got it from Hooters in Watford for £299 including a Marshall MG15DFX amp and all the accessories.

Everything! It's great having a humbucker as well as two single coils so there is more choice (unlike a Squire or Fender Strat) - the humbucker has a really cool distorted sound. The neck is nice and thin, and I like the look of the headstock - much better than Fenders. Also the body shape is much curvier and nicer than Strats. I don't really know if it would be better to have two tone knobs (as most people say) but one is fine for me. I can play all sorts of music on this from Pantera (full distortion) to Stereophonics (acoustic mucic), but IT IS AS IMPORTANT TO GET A GOOD AMP AS IT IS TO GET THIS GUITAR!

WEll, there isn't really much to not like. I suppose nothing really.

Good hard construction I haven't really tested it yet but so far it is fine (of course I take loads of care with it but there is the odd knock). The paint job is really good, the scratch plate is fine, and the neck looks like it will hold up to almost anything.

A great guitar, you have to get it as long as you get good accessories otherwise you can't make it soud good. If you're looking for a beginner guitar, definitely get this one.

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MGR/monkfish guitars(c)02/05/2004

MGR/monkfish guitars(c)'s review"Yamaha Pacifica 112"

Yamaha Pacifica PAC112V
bought in plymouth, vibes music for £190
was my first guitar so picked it for the colour

i like the colour the price and its got a sweet neck. its also easier to play than my gibson les paul standard. its a good back up guitar with little faults and is practicaly indestructable.

the only thing wrong is its slightly stiff tremolo and has a slightly weak humbucker

it has an alder body with bolt on neck and a beautifully finished rose wood fingerboard

fully class for the money that you pay. a perfect beginners guitar and dam good pro guitar especially if you put a seymour duncan hotrail in it like mine

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MGR/Spursfan's review"Yamaha Pacifica 112"

Yamaha Pacifica PAC112V
I brought it from Sound Control in Birmingham and paid £179 for it. Not only did I get a decent guitar but some cracking advice along with it as well.

I have played Electric guitar before but i had hit a crossroads with the one I had. I was playing through a keyboard amp, the tone was terrible and the whole setup was just not encouraging me to pick it up and play. I went into Sound Control told the man my budget and the pacifica was the first guitar I picked up. It has a great Wood effect finish, and the tone on it was superb. To get the sound I wanted out of the guitar though I had to buy a decent amp, plugged into a Fender Champion 30 amp, and I couldnt stop playing it. It sounded a brilliant setup and after about 30minutes of playing I decided to buy both the guitar and the amp

Not found anything yet.

The one I have has a wood effect finish, which I believe helps shine through the quality of the instrument. It really looks the business. The quality of both the guitar and the amp i brought has really shocked me, i thought I would have to spend a lot more to get this sound but its fantastic.

The amp is as important as the guitar, advise to test amps before you buy. I brought both together and spend £320 on my setup, with the amp nearly costing as much as the guitar. I know now though that I have a decent setup that will encourage me every day to pick it up and keep learning and improving technique. I really cant recommend this guitar enough.

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MGR/david's review"Yamaha Pacifica 112"

Yamaha Pacifica PAC112V
I got this as a birthday present from one of my friends who paid about $275 canadian for it at Rufus guitar shop in vancouver BC.

Its an ok guitar for a person starting out

it dents really easily and has a bad sound

its ok, but doesnt hold up to much abuse, after having it for a year, it has broken twice.

its an ok guitar for starters, but i wouldnt touch it if you are even slightly experienced

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MGR/Justin's review"Yamaha Pacifica 112"

Yamaha Pacifica PAC112V
I got my Pac. at a local Ohio pawn shop, I traded my trombone in for it. The price was $180 , I chose the Pacifica because it had a bridge humbucker, and I thought it was sexy.

This guitar is a work of gods! I play for a hard rock band called spearfinger (www.spearfinger.com), and WOW!!! This guitar isn't costly, it plays better than my friends American Strat. I've droped it down the stairs, out of windows, and it stays in tune, and still sounds amazing!!
I am going to buy another one so I can have the same sound in a lower tuning.

Its almost toooooo awsome.... I love everything about it.

This Axe is solid, light, well balanced. It does not matter what style of music you play. I can play everything from blue-grass to nu-metal.

If you dont have one, get one!! They are only around $200 at the most, and sound better than any other guitar I have played. GET ONE, OR TWO, OR THREE!!

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MGR/Anonymous's review"Yamaha Pacifica 112"

Yamaha Pacifica PAC112V
I got mine at Long and Mcquade's instruments at Ellesmere Rd. in Toronto Canada, about 8 years ago, and it ran about $200 something canadian.

I have played numerous other Pacificas.

Well at it's price it's main competition would be the fender squire. One of the main reasons I would pick this up over a squire would be the pickups - It's got a bridge humbucker, and middle and neck single coil pickups, and 5 selector positions, a squire you has three single coils (some versions have 2) now those of you have no idea what that means are probably like so? How would that make it better than the squire? Simply put the Pacifica has more options on the sound of the guitar with the pickup switch than a squire would ever have.

Personal things is that the neck is a bit thinner and the strings are a bit more compact than the squire strats(easier to reach, and move faster for me).

As for the body, squire and pacifica are roughly the same design, sturdy as a rock, either can take a beating really well, both balanced in weight and design(won't lob down on one side).

If you are planning on buying a pacifica there is one thing to look out for, one or two pacifcas I have seen had a heavy buzz on the low E when played open, other pacificas don't have this problem at all, it's weird, all I can say is play before you pay. Other than that there isn't much else that you could call a problem, only personal preferences.

For the price, there is no other guitar you could buy new that would be better. Like what has been metioned before in other reviews this can take quite a beating.

Noramally you wouldn't think the words 'Made in Taiwan' would be found on anything of quality, but this is certainly more than an exception.

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