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Ibanez STC-Shaped Guitars user reviews

  • Ibanez MBM2

    Ibanez MBM2 - "Surprised by the high quality of the Indonesian build." has images


    I bought this guitar based solely on its specs. I had never heard of these models until a few weeks ago and am not familiar with the artist who designed them. But he did a great job imo. For my needs this guitar proved to be almost perfect, from t…

  • Ibanez RG721FM

    Ibanez RG721FM - "Beautiful, pleasant to play and versatile"


    First, I’ll mention that I’m not a professional guitarist, so please take this review as that of an average player. I’ve used this guitar in my home studio for composing and demoing (direct in, with no amp). I bought it for that purpose as it had …

  • Ibanez JS2000

    Ibanez JS2000 - "JS2000 review "


    I use a mesa boogie rectoverb with my JS2000. PROS Ergonomic to hold and light. (Lies in your arms like a beautiful chick) Neck is simply excellent. Smooth like butter so your finger tips just dance around. Sustain and tone excellent via fixed …

  • Ibanez JEM77P

    Ibanez JEM77P - "A very good instrument..."


    Mostly used with a Peavey Tube 60 for rock/hard rock/heavy. Perfect workmanship. The blue flower pattern on the body and the tree of life on the maple fingerboard look awesome and are well finished. Just a slight disappointment with a very tiny kn…

  • Ibanez JEM-JR / JEM333

    Ibanez JEM-JR / JEM333 - "A really affordable JEM !!!" has images


    I play music ranging from blues to metal on a VOX VT 40+. It's an incredibly beautiful, very well-made guitar. I had played for a long time on a home-customized Les Paul and I feel like born again. For metal and everything that involves heavy soun…

  • Ibanez GRG170DX

    Ibanez GRG170DX - "The plain Jane of guitars IMHO..."


    I broke up with my ex-girlfriend of 12 years about 3 years ago, she refused to allow me to have a guitar in the house. A couple of months ago after I had to close down my factory for economic reasons, I bought this guitar and a Marshall MG15CFR. …

  • Ibanez S540LTD

    Ibanez S540LTD - "Great guitar "


    This guitar is special to me! My friend Jimmy owned this and I always loved playing this guitar. It has the fastest action that I've every played on. The frets are very accurate and the pickups are great! When my friend unfortunately died of cancer I…

  • Ibanez SC320

    Ibanez SC320 - "I love it but I did not buy this guitar yet..." has images


    Made in Japan and for 1998 years... Ibanez guitar to create a more interesting way and came up with this. They described it as a mix between S and radius, but its the little things are kind. Guitar bolt-on maple neck and rosewood fretboard, 22 fret…

  • Ibanez RG350DXZ

    Ibanez RG350DXZ - "Transition low / high range!"


    So, first of all ... Welcome to the world of shred and rock to hairy (and you will see that not only ..). Though, here for parenthése.Alors ... It is made in Korea (I think) has a bridge edge zero 2 with ZPS3Fe system (all of the Ibanez), a Wizard II…

  • Ibanez RGA121

    Ibanez RGA121 - "Great Ibanez for the price" has images


    Very basic design from Ibanez, natural finish, Gibraltar hard tail bridge, 1 Volume and 1 Tone control. It has a Mahogany body with a Maple top, with a Maple neck in Wizard Prestige Profile for very fast play. Very rarely does Ibanez put out a hard t…