Yamaha Pacifica PAC821D
Yamaha Pacifica PAC821D

Pacifica PAC821D, STC-Shaped Guitar from Yamaha in the Pacifica series.

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Dj kinre 03/18/2005

Yamaha Pacifica PAC821D : Dj kinre's user review


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I do not know where it was made but in any case the whole is very well finished. It is solid alder with a beautiful flamed maple top, mine is cherry sunburst.
Handle very fine, very comfortable, 24 frets, maple with rosewood button.
2 Di Marzio humbuckers air classic, and a simple microphone, Di Marzio central blue velvet.
TRS Tremolo Licensed floyd rose nut block with rope.
5-way switch, 1 volume and tone, a mechanical oil bath without defects.


Guitar very comfortable, quite proper weight and thin neck, a vériable highway. The access to the latest box is perfect.
After testing q'autres guitars very "famous" I realize that the sound is really nice and especially versatile.


The two doubles are very friendly, Di Marzio forces. The Air Classic in the neck position is a real joy in the neck position, a bold wish, I love it too plain or that it sounds very bluesy distortion and it sends really. The double bridge, the more acute is very comfortable in a rhythmic distortion, very Péchu. Finally, the micro central simple is a real treat in the clear (with tube amp c foot), it sounds very strat, maybe a bit less but it's snapping great.
The two intermediate positions offer more combinations micro central double split, very sweet and pleasant.

In fact I rediscovered the scratch after the acquisition of a Peavey Classic 30, any lamp, and it sounds really.


A beautiful guitar, very nice to play with sounds that are interesting. I do not see so many negative points to give him, except that it is no longer present as it is I think what was best in the series pacifica.
We can deal with many styles, it provides, despite its cutting just who has the Ibanez destined to sound more or less "nag".
I have over the past year, I am delighted, and every time I rpends the comfort of playing and the sound it distills bluff me.