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All user reviews for the Audio-Technica AT822

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Anonymous 's review(This content has been automatically translated from French)

Audio-Technica AT822
Audiotechnik AT 822 Stereo electret. I even think it is a back electret.
Micro-making and the instruments or small groups

Two cardioid capsules XY, said phase coincidence.


I use the microphone for several years for the realization of my trio recording live or in rehearsal but also in the creation of models of presentation of the group (Keith style jazz). In these cases I use it as head over to my piano and drums and bass live against.

I also tried to use it for the sound of soundscapes.

For the same applications I used among other electrostatic microphones AKG, among others, the C1000, but who do very well outdoors, home of DO21B Lem connected SSM2017 PA, preamp economical, easy to perform and efficient.
To learn more about this couple: # couple_hors_jeu ( )

Some qualities but major defects.

For the overall catches of the trio, he is doing well. The sound is OK if well placed and if the acoustics of the place is suitable.

In over head, it is very acceptable. I usually reinforced by a bass drum mic. Good reproduction of the stereo. Good return of cymbals and respect for stamps.

The problems start outside and to the point. First, real lack of sensitivity to power a small DAT or MD. Soon we are confronted with the problem of breath very quickly becomes prohibitive.

Another problem is its extreme sensitivity to wind noise, which requires a high performance full windshield. However, I found a very effective and very inexpensive. Just wrap your microphone of the covers made in synthetic fur. To do this, you get an old jacket sleeve synthetic fur, close to the end and remove the lining inside. I guarantee the result to be tested by strong winds. It has the efficiency of a real dog but for 5 or 10 € to emahus instead of 150 or 200 € in Rykote.
Another proposal of the same kind of Tono Bruno that seems good:
Proposal that I found just now.

In all cases, control is imperative that the device does not degrade as an acceptable response in the treble.

Finally, very high sensitivity to noise of contacts. In the studio it does not pose a problem mas outdoor micro point!

In no tell me it is enough to Inrush the low-cut filter, to which I retorted "that is and what is so then the fidelity of the microphone."

Value for money pretty average. As a small micro ECM SM907 Sony is doing better at this level, even if overall it is less efficient but two times cheaper. Some of my students are surprising results with it.

If it again? Probably not. Little choice in this range of microphone and price, but it is ...

Xpl's review(This content has been automatically translated from French)

Audio-Technica AT822
I bought the AT822 microphone used. I'm not a musician, but the practice video recently. I wanted a good mic for my camra Stereo Panasonic GS400, which has a manual rglage noise.

I'm not. With this microphone, the sound of quality (16 bit) for what I want Executed projects: capturing ambient sounds to me, small friendly interviews, concerts. This material seems solid construction. It comes with a 2 m cable

I added a windscreen for the collection's outdoor: you will see on my system:

Windscreen for Audio-Technica AT-822 ...
Panasonic 3CCD User> Accessories> Microphones and Sound Management
Updated AT822 Windex windjammer and protection boxes
05-12-2005, 6:29 PM
Audio-Technica AT-822 (external microphone and suspensions from joints
O) ...
Panasonic 3CCD User> Accessories> Microphones and Sound Management
Thanks to Franois POITRAS (test of AT 822)
05-08-2005, 07:48 PM


I use it since April 2005.

What I like least: start-stop button does not repre visible. An LED might be t well. Trs not serious because the microphone j'teins night to turn it back on the next day to be prt film. The AAA battery lasts a long time trs. If is stopped when we finished filming, we forget to put on it.

Most? rendering excellent and really stro. Position low-cut filter.

Essay nothing else before the purchase. I've only cost the mp3 Franois POITRAS (test of AT 822) that convinced me. I spent much time reading the forums ...

Quality-price ratio: not given as a prize, but a must to have made an excellent audio-video (I'm not a musician). The micro Intgr of camscope is bad. Prvoir third quarter of the price of camscope in the purchase of a collection's outdoor microphone.

I do it again the same choice.
Dtail accessory: it takes you more when you srieux films: micro cap on paulre perch, being protected LCD screen, large sunshade crdibilisent.

Philippe Hélard04/07/2005

Philippe Hélard's review(This content has been automatically translated from French)

Audio-Technica AT822
Microphone for making voice and global environments.


Intended to be connected to a camcorder with XLR adapter / stereo mini jack provided, and the mini gun to attach the bracket. The sound has nothing to do with the original microphone: Excellent definition, stereo "larger", improved bandwidth.
The built-in battery that a phantom power is not needed.