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Joemeek Studio compressors user reviews

  • Joemeek SC2.2

    Joemeek SC2.2 - "for those of us on a tight budget"


    The Joemeek SC2.2 is a compressor - limiter - gate in the form of a rack mountable piece of outboard gear. It is an analog piece of equipment and it has both XLR microphone inputs and outputs and has 1/4 inch inputs and outputs. This is handy because…

  • Joemeek MC2

    Joemeek MC2 - moosers's review


    The Joe Meek MC2 is a stereo optical compressor that is suitable for all sorts of instruments and applications. It has 1/4 inch connections for both channels and is powered by the specific power supply that comes with it. UTILIZATION Using the Joe …

  • Joemeek C2

    Joemeek C2 - moosers's review


    The Joe Meek C2 is an analog stereo compressor that is pretty simple in make up. It has two inputs and two outputs and is not a rackable unit - it is about the size of half of a single rack space unit, although I've never seen it racked before. UTIL…

Translated user reviews
  • Joemeek VC2 Tube Channel

    Joemeek VC2 Tube Channel - " Excellent"


    Analog preamp, optical compressor, enhancer UTILIZATION very simple. 8 knobs and 11 buttons. and VU meters SOUND QUALITY Escellente. compressor impressive. Preamp superb quality. enhancer very good. Although a small British si…

  • Joemeek MC2

    Joemeek MC2 - " He made his taf"


    it is a stereo optical compressor with all settings of a conventional compressor on the front connector jack 6.35 he is half-rack format I put 7 because it's clear that we are not going to compare it to a ps avalon UTILIZATION settings are …

  • Joemeek SC2.2

    Joemeek SC2.2 - darock's review


    Stereo optical compressor with dclenchement in MS (roughly, the indoor, the compressor no longer traditional in Stereo is to say left / right but in the middle / cts). This particular feature allows a perfect stability of the image strophonique outpu…

  • Joemeek VC2 Tube Channel

    Joemeek VC2 Tube Channel - benrider's review


    Prampli lamp, optical compressor, enhancer between line or mic insert to use only the compressor seen nitre discrete components UTILIZATION Simple APRS grip ... SOUND QUALITY Trs high quality components ... there is no secret The pr…

  • Joemeek SC2.2

    Joemeek SC2.2 - Plb66's review


    Stereo optical compressor type 2U rack UTILIZATION Use simple and straightforward as learning extension of the functions is at least: in gain, threshold, ratio, attack, release, out. SOUND QUALITY A very natural compression effect even in cas…