Behringer HPM1000
Behringer HPM1000

HPM1000, Studio headphone from Behringer.

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Average Score:2.9( 2.9/5 based on 8 reviews )
 1 user review13 %
 5 reviews63 %
 2 reviews25 %
Audience: Beginners
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urzyzooot's review"Not for the deaf!"

Behringer HPM1000
Just received my Behringer HPM1000 Headphones in the post today. Well what can I say? They work and for under £10.00 any more than that surely is a bonus. Yes they are very plastic but not a problem if that saves on cost. They seem hardy enough.
The sound?? Well, have you ever decided at a modest gig venue to stand in the corridor by the toilets whilst the support band is playing? Remember the quality of sound? Well that is how I would describe the Behringer HPM1000 Headphones. Hey look, I am a musician and officially half deaf. In fact I am being fitted up for a hearing aid in the left ear next week. Seriously. However, with the Behringer HPM1000 Headphones I do feel as if the music is coming from the house next door. Has that detached feeling of the frequency compressed into the mid range at a modest volume.
However I am not sending them back as for the price they do the job. No thump, no top, no definition but if I want that then I guess I will have to save up and buy an expensive pair. For now at the price I would recommend them.

HarlemKid's review"Ideal for those on a budget"

Behringer HPM1000
The HPM1000 is single corded but the cable is not detachable.

The price for these headphones are a steal, they are currently $10.00 but the legitimate worth value of these headphones are from the $40-$80 range.

I'm not an audiophile but these headphones replaced my recently stolen Beats By Dre Solo HD. They do a decent job, they aren't like the beats but are way better than ear buds. When you play music at a full volume you cannot hear surrounding sound, only your music. But as all headphones do, they leak sound.

If these were to break I would get these again, they are great for DJing and Mixing (although they don't rotate or swivel). The 8ft cord gives you a lot of room to move around and does not constrain you.

The only main flaw is that these headphones are not for commuting, they are strictly for mixing/djing purposes.

bribri's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Behringer HPM1000
Very good for Dépan for the price no complaints. For the same price I remake this choice, although I have an excellent new headphone on the side.

richter's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Behringer HPM1000
I use it for a few months connected to a multi-effect / guitar amp simulator.
It is a small headphones that help me when I want to play without waking everyone in the evening The quality is not excellent, but not too bad for the price.
In short a good cheap headset to the quality / price excellent! (10 € on thotho)!

KoalaMan's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Behringer HPM1000
I use it for two years, listening to music, or work with headphones.

To a, it does not rev much problem, the cord is not super long, so it's faster to take the feet inside ...

It is obvious that for that price, do not want a studio headphones, stereo headphones is not too bad, quite comfortable to wear, what would you ask for?

I did not put a good note, because even when Berhe tries to make us believe it is the best headset ever made!

Pompadour's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Behringer HPM1000
I use it in spite of myself for a year.
It is offered by almost Berhinger.
The sound is really not gnial, infidle and bass, and the mdiums and ... in the high, does not respect the balance. allows only one instrument to control whether or not happening. Do not try to qual with it catastrophic.
It does not ears, suddenly, is not really closed.
In part, it is really cheap, and it is his greatest asset!

Globos's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Behringer HPM1000
Used for 6 months.
I wanted a headset Close to save the battery and vrifier catches the sound of instruments being repeated. Secondarily to a rapid pre-mix.
I do not know much in headphones, until I used a good headphone open but the player was too MUCH type and adjusts the low battery.
The errors are exprience in this case it's probably not quite expensive.
The appearance is quite "pro" but the construction is rather weak: the rglages do not, the costs do not remain plaques on the ears, blah, blah! Finally, it is not being protected collection outdoor noises.
The sound is just okay for most instruments. For the battery, while adtruit: I always feel like a dull snare without stamp as audio on any system it comes out well.
Finally, we can not blame much either what the price is what you paid. Next time I would be less stingy.
My rating for apprciate the overall product, not the ratio Q / P is advantageous when same.

Jamian's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Behringer HPM1000
I'm using this headphone for 4 months. IT IS the a versatile headphone of a remarkable quality for the price (17 Euros). The spectrum is well covered frquences despite some bumps in the mediums dsagrables quite acute. Its performance is satisfactory and allows it to be used on virtually no 'matter what kind. It remains all the same headphones amateur, but of an excellent quality price. Downside: the settings are virtually non-existent and the headphone does not hold itself in an optimal position.
With the exprience, so I think I 'invest instead in the HPX2000, of much better quality and more comfortable for 12 euros more.