Sennheiser HD 437
Sennheiser HD 437

HD 437, Studio headphone from Sennheiser in the HD series.

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Average Score:2.4( 2.4/5 based on 5 reviews )
 1 user review20 %
 1 user review20 %
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sparcman's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" My favorite, and it's cheap!"

Sennheiser HD 437
I'm quite surprised by the negative opinions on this headphone: I am personally very satisfied.

It's gonna be 3 years that I used to listen to music and make the sound booth.

On the consumer side, I have already tested all the headphones (from planet saturn in France / Germany), and this is clearly my favorite, even before headphones to several hundred euro.

Every time a friend told me "I bought a headphone aah super high end" I tried to look ... and frankly I have rarely seen better:
With some headphones, part of the spectrum could sometimes be better made, but overall, I still found the headset top.
For example I find the AKG generally have a good / better defined mids / low mids, but the fish fork out (to me) from the top of the spectrum that I find it quite messy, so in the end I stay on my 437.

In terms of comfort, I like his cushions fabrics, which do not age in crumbling as mosses, and I prefer the leather cushions of closed headphones that are cooked (this is the case to say) my ears. In winter, we also apreciated the fact that the cushions are large:) I wear it almost all day at work, and it does not bother me.
To hold, we must put the headband on top of the head, or it does not take very well.

Level spectrum of coverage, he started covering from 30Hz, really responds to 40, and rises up to 18 ~ 19k. There are still a small hole somewhere around the kilohertz, but it is local, so that it goes unnoticed enough to listen.

Regarding the bass, I've seen headphones with far too low, and I do not think this is clearly the case here. In my opinion, there is no big hole or big bump nasty in this area, the headphone down low enough, and there is no significant imbalance with respect to the rest of the spectrum.
I said that I do not usually "fixes" type bass boost, equalizer, SRS WOW, BBE and company, if you use this kind of stuff, I understand that the headphone sends big bass in the face!

Governed by this headset enough for me, although sometimes I'd like to have closed to check records for example. Say that with a closed I can lower my volume a bit. In any case, the cable is very long, and it really will enjoy it when a large console and side effects.

However, for a DJ I would advise against that choice. it is better with a headphone most prominent mediums to identify the beat easily detonate without ears with acute aggressive some music.

Only flaw for me: the cable is not removable like a lot of Sennheiser headphones. If you break it, you must change all the headphones (or remove the iron, but the replacement is not easy).

I put 10/10 for this award because, frankly, who cares that the wire is not removable, and that for my use, which is still quite large, I find it perfect.

Horangi's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Sennheiser HD 437
I used this headset for over a year, for lack of means to buy a more powerful, it's a horror!
Far too low, you hear it.
Unable to work or even play music with it, the sound is distorted, crushed by the bass.
Quite simply, I was using as little as possible, and when I took it was reluctantly.

Well, at least it can help meet the severe blows to a ca I will lol

If it again, it's clear that I would do not have that choice. At this rate there, walkman headsets are much better case, and are better balanced.
Better to wait a bit and choose the right equipment.

LePremierMinistre's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Sennheiser HD 437
I use it for 2 years.

I like the overall sound, quite round, but actually, it makes a little too low, not the masses in the upper spectrum. I tried other models from Sony has the time, but it was more expensive.

If it again, I would do unless I had more in, I will take better, of course.

In conclusion, I think that, value for money, he defends himself quite the HD-437

torra's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Sennheiser HD 437
I have one, and although it is terrible, the sound is how to say ... destroyed, the lower a ton, a torture for the ears! I planted I wanted to take the hd-433, took me very badly ... This "headphone" serves me right for a repeat of the pieces and the battery is not easy ... I do not recommend it highly ...

NeoY2k's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Sennheiser HD 437
This headset is soft, while drooling, there is no treble ... In short go your way, There are better and cheaper.