RCF ESW 1015
RCF ESW 1015

ESW 1015, Subwoofer from RCF.

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djwill974 11/11/2010

RCF ESW 1015 : djwill974's user review


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Value For Money : Excellent
I use it since the day I bought it, 1-2 times per month.
I tried boxes Behringer B1800 and I must say it is day and night, for a power of 400W rms displayed.
Very powerful, very light (to capacity), the roundness of the bass impeccable.
It's hard to find the most seen. But nevertheless, find plans to renew the fund, it is not easy.
The quality / price excellent but I did not price new. I regret nothing.
I will ever be the same choice without hesitation in order to push my amp and get even more bass done right. If you hesitate to buy this kind of box, go ahead there is nothing to lose but it is good (not imitation)

& RCF ESW 1015 %&%&%&%