Studio Effects Synchronizers
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Synchronizers user reviews

  • Doepfer MSY-2

    Doepfer MSY-2 - landscape2's review


    MSY-2: Midi Interface / Clock to control p / ex. TB-303 or TR-808 with the Clock and Start / Stop from the south. Small external inverters are used to adjust the pitch and the polarity to be compatible with different brands of devices on the market. …

  • Apogee Big Ben

    Apogee Big Ben - limason's review


    This is not a converter but a master clock, it will say what synchronsier numrique a string to obtain and / o keep the best possible sound and with fewer artifacts. we can attack in any format all display resolutions, and all outputs are active at th…

  • Red Sound Systems MICRO SYNC

    Red Sound Systems MICRO SYNC - mrfrank's review


    Hello !! I'm from Spain and I need to buy one MicroSync. If you-have one, send me an email and let me your price. Really I NEED IT !!!! (Sorry for not to speak french but i dont know;)) …

  • Korg KMS-30

    Korg KMS-30 - franck.ntwo's review


    It robomatrix advised me that I've had one month and that of the ball. Trs is easy to use: you select what you want in control and out of sync + time 24 or 48 bits. For 100 euros is a good deal more trs it works as well with the old stuff or new. exa…

  • Tascam MTS-1000

    Tascam MTS-1000 - Léo 2003's review


    Served for several years to synchronize two TRS8 to be in 16 runs with two half-inch magnto. Then I synchronized a TSR8 and MSR16 for the 24 tracks. Then I used it to enslave the MSR16 a computer with sound card for the direct-to-disk. Most. Proba…