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Tannoy System user reviews

  • Tannoy System 8

    Tannoy System 8 - moosers's review


    The Tannoy System 8's are a pair of monitors designed for use in the recording studio. They are indeed passive monitors, so they require an external power amplifier. I've used these monitors for monitoring during the tracking of a full band. Since…

  • Tannoy System 600A

    Tannoy System 600A - " Good stuff!"


    "Real" speaker home studio flat, which does not rajoutent! And then the seller of the "Cash Converter" was wrong, I sold them at half the price of S600 (not active ...)! At the time € 300 instead of 600 €, except that the S600, they, costing almost t…

  • Tannoy System 600

    Tannoy System 600 - " Excellent"


    What characteristics have motivated your choice? The price, the advice of a salesman who adored them. For what purpose? Plays used in control and proximity key, home studio use. What amp / What configuration? ... In a numerical outputs Roland VM…

  • Tannoy System 800

    Tannoy System 800 - zedbee's review


    attracted by the reputation of the brand, I went to listen before buying. plugged into an amp Samson, who has my taste in trouble following. technically nothing wrong with that pro. the tweeter in the center of the woofer really makes the diffe…

  • Tannoy System 600

    Tannoy System 600 - Toth's review


    Interested in the passive monitoring home studio used in the nearfield, complements of a pair of Cabasse SOUNDS I really wanted avoided this problem of flattering (the bottom of MSP5 I think it's enough virtual me) without falling into Netet…

  • Tannoy System 600

    Tannoy System 600 - guig's review


    I like the principle of "broadband" or the "coax" it means having a chamber, the spectrum is restored in the same axis. I use them in home_studio.L amp (lment that is often overlooked!) Is a Amcron geodyna. An old but excellent trs amp neutral an…