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  • TC Electronic Spark Mini Booster

    TC Electronic Spark Mini Booster - " Useful, flexible and efficient!"


    So to summarize the outset: TC Spark mini booster is a miniature version of the Spark, simply. We go from one to four knobs (four were they really necessary? ...) And car. We can always blame her lack of opportunities and things like that, but if you…

  • TC Electronic Spark Booster

    TC Electronic Spark Booster - " a killing"


    it is an analog pedal boost 4 settings: bass and treble, gain level and plus switsch 3 position (fat, Clean and Mid) Fat boost the low position, the clean is a clean boost and Mid boost the mids UTILIZATION I use it as a gain boost and mid …

  • TC Electronic Spark Booster

    TC Electronic Spark Booster - " rapid test"


    Booster signal, analog, with a few EQ settings (High and Low) and can choose among three types of boost. Be careful not function Toneprint. See site for more info TC UTILIZATION the simplicity of a pedal with yet more options SOUND QUALITY …

  • TC Electronic Spark FXmachine

    TC Electronic Spark FXmachine - fluctus's review


    Incompatible MacOSX! Otherwise, has no problem running under OS9; test as a PC dual boot Win98/winXP: nickel. The printed manual is more like a commercial doc that a manual. The PDF is clear on the other hand. But it is the pro soft, with a sta…