Seymour Duncan STL-2 & STR-2 Hot for Telecaster
Seymour Duncan STL-2 & STR-2 Hot for Telecaster

STL-2 & STR-2 Hot for Telecaster, Telecaster guitar pickup from Seymour Duncan in the Medium Output Tele Pickups series.

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Izzy11 07/28/2009

Seymour Duncan STL-2 & STR-2 Hot for Telecaster : Izzy11's user review


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I use this pair of microphones and STL2 STR2 good for 1 month.
I was looking for the sacrosanct pursuit of versatility: namely that I can play small blues improvisation cushy, ride up into frenzied solos on the M-by-example. The pickups from my home Telacaster Classic Player 50's were pretty rough and resented any saturation.
I automatically ruled out for Tele humbuckers, a nonsense to me. Why a humbucker on a guitar designed for twanguer? I have long listened to the samples of single coils on the site of Seymour, and other samples on the net, at DiMarzio. In short, j'atais already very happy with my SH4 and especially my SH1n on my Les Paul, so I stayed in SD.
ST1L/ST1n: too few fish for my taste for the versatility I was looking for, although very good clean sound to bend any bluesman.
APTL1 and APTR1: while there, I was reluctant ... This heat into sound, evident even in samples of poor quality on the net. This is the output level (too) means that scared me for what I was looking for (this could send a little scratch when solo).
STL3 and STR3: here you go up the gain and I was too afraid of me rapporcher humbuckers. Certainly very good pickups for those who do their Tele veulenet a Start.

What thing do you like most/least about it?
What bothered me most: very hard to find the STR2, we must cling to the net. In stores, I do not even speak. And ESPECIALLY: Requires a very good editing and good clean setting ropes, WHAT I DO NOT HAVE, and will therefore biased throughout my analysis. Indeed, the blocks have different heights along the ropes and, in short, I am no expert, but you'll quickly sound pan if you do not have a good editor. Besides, my high E string is a calamity in this regard.
What I love + ah, finally, fishing and Tele pickups while retaining a sound that is the single coil, humbucker no!
What changed me the most: a rich range of media, I, who rarely plays in this range. So no need too push your mids on your amp and pedals!

Did you try many other models before getting this one?
I liked the pair and APTL1 APTR1, but I never found out where to try them ...
To my great regret, perhaps that was the magic combination APTL1 in easel and STR2 in the heats, to test for different output levels.
I say this because in mixed position, the STL2 overwrites the STR2. Important to note.

What is your opinion about the value for the price?
Without hesitation, approx. € 50 per microphone on the net purchase on U.S. sites (it's worth the cost with the exchange rate right now) is not commensurate with my microphones original Telecaster Classic Player 50's say ... uh very average ...

Knowing what you know now, would you make the same choice? ...
Arf, I think I approached the Grail, but I have certainly not reached. I still find it difficult to tame this high output level, especially with the bad editing that I had. If in the coming months I can rectify this by a real pro, not lovers of IES in Cholet (sorry, I could not restrain myself ...), I'll post a correction PS, I hope in positive <img class="smiley" src="" alt="" />
But I wanted to try a combination APTL1 - STR2 for heat APTL1. But I dread the different output levels ...
That is the first evidence on this rare pair of microphones, I had not found other posts on these mics on the net.
I'm pretty player Les Paul (Slash especially), but I really like the sound Tele ... provided he has a little fishing too!