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  • the box MA120e

    the box MA120e - Earl's review


    The MA120 is an Active 12 / 2 100W includes a line input (jack), microphone input (XLR) and two outputs: link (for chains with an active return) and speaker-out for return passive 4 ohms (both jack). It features a 3 band qualiseur and a notch filt…

  • the box Studioline NF06 A

    the box Studioline NF06 A - buck88's review


    The power, size of the woofer, and the prices have motivated my choice! (185) euros the pair in thomman in Germany. Update main use is mixing work and home studio Config with Logic Audio, M Audio 24/96 sound card, and not need to amp it amplified…

  • the box PA 302 A

    the box PA 302 A - Shake's review


    TEMPORARY NOTICE 27/12 Reue this morning, so testing in apartment 400 watts active woofer 12 "and 1" compression Between XLR mic or line XLR output link 2-band EQ, efficient (eq a real, not a gadget, what) Sound: I hallucinated. I heard…

  • the box MA 205

    the box MA 205 - Shake's review


    Monitor scne amplifier 2 HP 5 ', 2 * 50 watts 5kgs, it fits in a small backpack very powerful bandwidth fairly high volume medium (normal) 130 euros new, q / p ok without being monstrous it is used to get along the scratcher scratcher …

  • the box Studioline NF06 A

    the box Studioline NF06 A - asbestos's review


    Overall not bad. for the price that Edirol cohrent anyway. but not compete with the fostex, alesis or behringer tannoy SOUNDS I have a friend pcqu'il costs at new monitors I had for a second pice. Once again it's still okay especially comp…