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Flux :: Software transient shapers user reviews

  • Flux :: Bitter Sweet II

    Flux :: Bitter Sweet II - "Bitter or Sweet"


    The BitterSweet II by Flux is a Transient Designer. You can turn the main dial one of two ways, if you turn it to the sweet side it will decrease the transients amplitude. But if you turn it the opposite direction which would be to the bitter side it…

  • Flux :: Bitter Sweet II

    Flux :: Bitter Sweet II - "Get this, Get this, Get this!!!!!"


    Instillation went smooth on a Mac Mini OSX 10.4 running Ableton Live. Not a single hitch, ever. This is such a simple and genius device, and it works amazingly. I use this compressor to fatten up my kicks, snap my snares and give my basses some pump.…

  • Flux :: Bitter Sweet II

    Flux :: Bitter Sweet II - moosers's review


    Flux's Bitter Sweet II is a free plug-in that can be had directly from Flux's website. For a while I had the original Bitter Sweet plug-in, but recently downloaded this newer version. This plug-in is available for a number of different platforms, i…

  • Flux :: Bitter Sweet [Freeware]

    Flux :: Bitter Sweet [Freeware] - moosers's review


    The Flux Bitter Sweet plug-in is a piece of free software that is available to anyone out there. The plug-in is transient processor and is a very simple one at that. They also have a Bitter Sweet II plug-in, but I just downloaded that one and have …