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ASD Trusses, Rigging and Stages user reviews

  • ASD ALT 550

    ASD ALT 550 - "ASD ALT 550 stand" has images


    A single person is enough to set it up. Quick and easy to set, the stand can be adjusted using the 4 actuators and the magnet leveler. It takes 5 minutes and this is it, can be set on all kinds of slopes using the actuators and another of its assets …

Translated user reviews
  • ASD ALT 290

    ASD ALT 290 - " TOP"


    This is my first foot bridge with ASD 290. He has always done a very good job, very robust. What could be better? Is approaching its limits when the weight is too large, which is my case, where the purchase of ALT 470 for larger prestas, but I am …

  • ASD SX 29200

    ASD SX 29200 - " TOP structure"


    -How long have you use it? 8 years, more than 40m structure and various angles -What is the particular feature you like best and least? most: Nice finish, possibility of placing a standard hook between the braces (not like other brand.) …

  • ASD SX 29200

    ASD SX 29200 - " Great"


    I rented for a few years and I decided to buy. The 'cap' crossed no regrets. Plus it's French! Prolyte I owned before, but not a model suited to my uses. Loads more projo Concert and theater. Therefore sold! Particularity, end up good, availabl…

  • ASD gril 8m x 6m avec towers

    ASD gril 8m x 6m avec towers - " Enterece adorns materielleBonjoir"


    Hello sir! I knew this estructure Asd enterece bumper grill 8m x 6m suetrais I know the prices include VAT, is if you accepts a peyement the sections for several faith (bullet step) is that a faith that the client completes the peyement pourais comin…

  • ASD SD 25200

    ASD SD 25200 - " manufacturing quality"


    great value for money commancer for if you do not want to leave any money are well aware I simply give advice screws and nuts that can set the sleeve is removed goupile go with clip 60mm and 10mm diameter see all assembly is even stronger an…

  • ASD ALT 400

    ASD ALT 400 - " a justified reputation"


    I acquired the new version: ALT400C. The major differences with the old model: a new system of pins impossible to lose, and all tubes are black! It's great, they can land anywhere, they do not attract the eye. And for those wanting to hide, no prob…

  • ASD ALT 400

    ASD ALT 400 - " Test and review"


    Excellent product, he often was reproduced for different brands, this is a can "reference" in this price range. The foot is rather heavy (25kg) but it is evidence of good quality, the welds are performed quite well as the assembling. The foot is …

  • ASD ALT 470

    ASD ALT 470 - " A standard beefy"


    I owed invest in this type of foot because the total mass of 190kg and my lights, and the slideshow structure is close to 50kg. * What thing do you like most/least about it? More: -Ease of transport (6 wheels) even with a pea 68kg -Stability It…

  • ASD SX290

    ASD SX290 - " Quality in mad-FRANCE"


    DSA quality and manufacturing French, no less cella should be the reason to buy (especially now), compared to cheaper products assiatiques 10 to 20 euro, the price of the preservation of employment in France and minimal , Furthermore you can learn d…