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TRX Cymbals news

  • TRX Cymbals Icon Series

    TRX Cymbals Icon Series

    01/04/11 in TRX Cymbals Icon Series

    The 2011 NAMM Show will mark the arrival of the TRX Icons, designed to "combine the rich, warm tone of vintage cymbals with the brighter, more powerful performance characteristics required by modern players."

  • TRX Cymbals New Grilles

    TRX Cymbals New Grilles

    10/16/09 in TRX Cymbals New Grilles

    New Grilles from TRX Cymbals feature a "distinctive design and venting system that give them a unique sound that's more than a crash but less than a china."

  • TRX Cymbals T-Bells

    TRX Cymbals T-Bells

    04/01/09 in TRX Cymbals T-Bells

    The TRX Cymbal Co. has introduced five new effects cymbals including three China-Splash cymbals and two sizes of heavy bells, called "T-Bells".

  • TRX Cymbals DRK/BRT

    TRX Cymbals DRK/BRT

    02/24/09 in TRX Cymbals DRK/BRT

    New DRK/BRT Hi-Hats from TRX Cymbals feature DRK bottom and BRT top hi-hat cymbals to produce "bright, penetrating closed hi-hat sounds."

  • [NAMM] TRX Cymbals LTD Series 21

    [NAMM] TRX Cymbals LTD Series 21

    01/24/09 in TRX Cymbals LTD Series 21" Crash Ride

    TRX has announced the immediate availability of a new 21˝ Crash-Ride LTD model.

  • TRX Launches "Oversized" BRT Series

    TRX Launches "Oversized" BRT Series

    01/06/09 in TRX Cymbals BRT Series 24" Ride

    The TRX Cymbal Company has announced that it is expanding its popular BRT Series to include a 24˝ ride, 21˝ and 22˝ crashes and 15˝ hi-hats.