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All user reviews for the Rivera Chubster 55 combo

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parker killertone07/31/2013

parker killertone's review"Never the same amp twice"

Rivera Chubster 55 combo
55 watts lots of killer tone available if you can find it?


Not an amateur amp I have played for 32 years and this amp is the most complex I have yet to own I have owned it for 2 years now.


Mainly strats and gibson s .


I wanted to write this review because about twice a year I want to trade this amp in for something really does not have a great clipped sound or clean what the heck.
You would think rivera would master a clean sounding amp but the fender chime is not there and as fas as the gain channel goes there's not a very user friendly tone in there why do I keep this amp? I keep thinking that if I change the speaker(which I did to an eminence ) and re tube it i will get that full sound that everybody raves about ...but it's still not there.
One person said that it only sounds good when really cranked up ,but what good is that to an average non giging musician ...nope I think I'm back to wanting to trade this sucker back in for a good old marshall combo.
MGR/Brad J.11/02/2003

MGR/Brad J.'s review"Rivera Chubster 55"

Rivera Chubster 55 combo
I was first interested in Rivera amps when I heard my good friend playing his PRS through a 55 watt, 1 12" tube amp called the "fifty-five twelve" I was utterly amazed at the overall tone of the amp. I had to have one. I went to my local Rivera dealer and bought the Chubster 55. It's exactly the same as my friend's amp with exception that it is about 4/5 inches deeper. It ran me back around 1850 canadian, plus tax. And well worth it.

With this amp, there isn't much not to like. There are two totally seperate channels for clean and distortion, with a boost for each aswell. The 12" celestion speaker delivers tones that can sound anywhere from vintage to modern. I haven't yet found an amp that I like the distortion better than my Chubster. The clean is amazingly clear, even for only one 12. The fact that it packs 55 watts of all tube power is a nice feature for playing in larger venues. Rivera also has a line of powered subwoofers that, when plugged into this thing, make it so loud and full-sounding that you might crap your pants!

The only thing I don't like about this amp, is that there is no foot switch for turning the reverb on/off. Everything else is great. I's small, loud, sounds great, looks great and is well worth the money.

Rivera makes all of there amps out of really good materials. The speaker is a celestion 85 and there are some great features that make it easy to use. My Chubster is all hand-wired too. This baby is built to last.

All in all, this is a great amp for anyone who likes a little bit of vintage tone thrown in with their mix. As far as looks go; they come in a range of cool colors and are truly a classy amp. It's easy to use too, there's no BS involved. Just easy to dial up tone. Any one who buys this amp will not be disappointed unless they want a crappy sounding amp.

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samiaule's review(This content has been automatically translated from French)

Rivera Chubster 55 combo

Off topic:
Rickrick: if you qt 1 / 2 lamp per month and you have the buzz in the ear's with this amp, you must ask yourself the question if your BIAS is properly and rgl do not get excited by putting a notice which I think is a bit htif and not objective ... a pro in the field confirm to you my boy! A good rglage is paid between 80 and 100 (lamps included!) We agree it is quite expensive, but believe me, the Chub 'worth it!


I agree with what was said Padpanick, this amp is not a simple plug n play, but we can
find many rglages prcis sharp and then you just need it to be properly rgl and spend a little time to find "his" Son!

The knobs have a real action, 1 or -1 really make the difference, it is not the amp "general public" with knobs that must be linear up to 3 / 4 before hear a diffrence in sound!


It can play everything, or almost, but not mtal, no, it was not an amp, even if I think with a good doss effects section and selected a must do ... but what good investment in this type of amp if it is to its true dtourner comptences?

The clear, the crunch of the distortion (even when lite), blues, rock, pop etc. ... everything is with or without the pedals.

Personal gross as I play without effect, with just a scratch trs good, although RULES and l. ...


4 years and the only amp that I think I could play in another court is the Brunetti MC2.

Report quality price:

Quality: RAS is the high-end product irrprochable while so dlicat lamp, and it must be a bichon rgl pro, failing to give the best.

Price: the above, it must be said, it's too expensive, but again I call has an investment is not a BCAN which sells half the price at the end of one year, or the stuff you hear everywhere, in any room, and it's heavy, meaning literally and figuratively!

The choice is not hsiter remake ...

padpanick's review(This content has been automatically translated from French)

Rivera Chubster 55 combo
<p class="bbcode-offtopic"> Off topic: <span>To correct a bit Previous notice which I think he's done stuff wrong rgl REFERENCE BIAS level, or an evening MODEL hlas happens.
Of Electro-Harmonix tubes good well matched, a good dog rglage and bam!
An amp like this is like a car race, has to RULES, be pampered ...</span>

I think so:

Amp 55watts propelled by two EL34 tubes
Prampli of five 12AX7 tubes
HP Celestion G12L-55
2-channel fully indpendants
A loop rear face.
A pdalier (lead!) Buttons.
Reverb '...
* Cabinet Material: American Maple Solid Core Plywood
* Cabinet Covering: Ruby Red Tolex Vinyl
* Cabinet Hardware: Chrome plated metal corners, Vintage style Leather Handle
* Dimensions: 20.5 "x 12" x 17 "
* Weight: 45 Pounds (must be in the 21.2 kg)


Find "THE" great sound with this combo is not easy, not that there is no sound but
simply that the opportunities offered by the Chubster its huge!
The knobs are real knobs and heats up when the rglage is different,
do not make a U turn button to affect the sound!
For me no doubt, even if I have a weakness for the clean channel "Fenderien" I flirt
rgulirement with the other channel and just as enjoyable!
Manuel simple but effective m'enfin IDAL is plug and send the sauce eh!


Used mainly with Strats and Gibson Gretsch also.
With a bit of patience are the sounds most cleans to crunch the most crisp depending on the style and much sought-sr according to the scratch using ...
Reverb nickel and flexible, if somewhat too deep my taste.
Mtalleux go your way!


3 years I have, I finally found a program whose job is to make rglages with onions, and a difference!

I think the ide silent runir of the Marshall and Fender in the same combo of madness, I admit that it plutt a masterstroke.

I had the opportunity to test a lot of stuff and now this amp is almost impossible to find in nine in France, and prices uh, exorbitant ...

Report qualitprix: I personally think the good stuff is still too expensive and suddenly "lite booked a" passion and / or property, so I can be objective on this issue.

Ok, it's too expensive, but must recognize that it's all lamp High End!

In short, an amp rather orient "clean" with a cot who loves obscure the crunch and get the old vintage distos, Hendrix, Clapton, Knopfler, Guilmour ... this is my humble opinion the styles he loves the most.

What's so good that Chubster 55 ... : O)