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Randall Tube Guitar Amp Heads user reviews

  • Randall RD45H

    Randall RD45H - "A good, metal-friendly amp at reasonable price"


    I’ve owned this amp for about one year. I took it with me on approximately 15 live performances and 2 days in the studio. Plus of course rehearsal, once to twice a week. Stylewise, I’ve mostly used it for stoner rock, ala Orange Goblin or Down (go…

  • Randall RD1H

    Randall RD1H - " The best in its class"


    Effective and practical tone selector. The tone is usable between 9 and 3 o'clock, beyond that it's less musical, in my opinion. The volume control can be used up to 1 or 2 o'clock, beyond that the sound starts to become muddled. Effects loop,…

  • Randall RD1H

    Randall RD1H - " 1 watt - but it's AWESOME!"


    1 watt tube amp 2 x 12AX7 preamp tubes 1 x 12AU7 power amp tube 1 gain / 1 tone / 1 volume 1 channel 1 effects loop - 1 XLR emulation output USE It's über-easy to use. Do note that the 3-way switch allows you to use 3 different …

  • Randall RD50H

    Randall RD50H - "Fortin magic"


    The Randall RD50 Diavlo may have been a so-so amp to begin with but this was the amp that Fortin made his modifications to at the start of his collaboration with Randall. For those of you not familiar with his work suffice it to say Mike Fortin…

  • Randall RM 50 HB

    Randall RM 50 HB - "Excellent Gigging Tones"


    This amp is running on tubes...the choice of tubes is totally versatile due to the external biasing controls. I have almost zero tech skills, but with the use of a $20 voltmeter from RadioShack, even i can make the necessary adjustments. I usually ra…

  • Randall RM 50 HB

    Randall RM 50 HB - "Excellent Amp! VERY versatile..."


    This is a RM50 tube amp...It houses your choice of power tubes....From 6550 to EL34, and all points in between- it can easily let you drop them in and , get this, EASILY bias them yourself with a simple multimeter...It also has three preamp tubes (12…

  • Randall RM 100 B

    Randall RM 100 B - "Pretty amazing"


    This is a 100watt all tube amplifier with a modular preamp. This amp is awesome for so many reasons. So start off there are individual bias test points and controls for each power tube. You literally can run any arrangement of tubes you want. And …

  • Randall RM 50 HB

    Randall RM 50 HB - "Two preamp head"


    Randall has really taken a hold on the module industry. Them and Egnater have really grabbed the preamp modules and owned the entire market of this industry. You can basically put any type of preamp sound you can think of in this unit, because there …

  • Randall RT100H

    Randall RT100H - "Decent head"


    Randall is a great company that has an amp for everyone. Now they have been one of the companies on the forefront of the modules world. Them and Egnater have been the two companies that have really taken the idea of using different preamp in a power …

  • Randall NB King 100

    Randall NB King 100 - "Decadence Dance!!!"


    Randall in connection with Peter King and Nuno Bettencourt set out to capture a new amp for Nuno. This is not an amp that goes back to the tones of Portnograffitti days or even Extreme 1, but more of a newer sound. This amp has a very distinct look t…