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Carvin Tube Guitar Preamps user reviews

  • Carvin Quad X-Amp

    Carvin Quad X-Amp - "Overkill....The Right Way"


    I bought this preamp and amp (T-100) as a pair in April, 1994 (I think). The T-100 stb during a rehearsal. The Quad X has remained a highly-valued part of my rack simply for the sounds it brings to the table. Channel 1 is a twangy Fender Tweed…

  • Carvin Quad X-Amp

    Carvin Quad X-Amp - "One of the best preamps, versatile and effective"


    4-channel tube preamp (9 12ax7): Channel 1: Clean (1 preamp stage, 1st stage of tube 1), volume, low, mid, high Channel 2: Clean (1 preamp stage, 2nd stage of tube 1), volume, and low, high EQ, cloak shared with channel 3 Channel 3: Clean (5 pream…

  • Carvin Quad X-Amp

    Carvin Quad X-Amp - nickname009's review


    4 channels (two clean, crunch and lead) 9 12ax7s preamp tubes Reverb Noise gate 5 band graphic EQ Speaker sim bright switch boost switch CH 1 knobs: low, mid, high, volume CH 2 and 3: low, high, cloaking, volume, overdrive Ch 4: vo…

  • Carvin Quad X-Amp

    Carvin Quad X-Amp - Audiofanzine FR's review


    (Originally written by Millido/translated from Audiofanzine FR) Tube preamp Nine 12AX7 tubes (changing the tubes is expensive) Four channels (two clean, one crunch, one lead) Reverb Noise gate 5-band graphic EQ Speaker simulation for …

  • Carvin Quad X-Amp

    Carvin Quad X-Amp - "Carvin Quad X-Amp"


    I bought this preamp off ebay for $399 US. This preamp is very very versatile. The cleans are very Fendery, maybe a little bit too bright at times, but you can always turn down the treble! Channel one and two are clean, channel 3 and 4 are dirty. …

Translated user reviews
  • Carvin Quad X-Amp

    Carvin Quad X-Amp - " Woua!"


    Preamp Carvin brand lamps used in the studio recording my album UTILIZATION 4 channels, spring reverb, you can get the sound you want in - 1 min config, ideal for studio and live. SOUNDS used telecaster guitars and metal type, with a hot rod …

  • Carvin Quad X-Amp

    Carvin Quad X-Amp - " Gas Plant - Plant Music"


    3 preamp channels 1/2 tube (1 channel real clear, real distortion channel with dedicated 3-band EQ, channels 2 and 3 have a shared équalo 2 bands) 9 12AX7 Format 19 "2U Spring Reverb 6 effects loops! 5 Band Equalizer Noise Gate Speaker …

  • Carvin Quad X-Amp

    Carvin Quad X-Amp - Da Mool's review


    Everything said above Preamp extremely comprehensive connectivity impressionnate opportunities. UTILIZATION Very simple and efficient, no frills. on the other hand not too clever, you soon realize when you're in the extreme, it becomes sicken…

  • Carvin Quad X-Amp

    Carvin Quad X-Amp - boumar's review


    I just wrote a novel for 30 minutes by highlighting the qualities of this preamp, and when I validated my opinion, everything suddenly disappeared! I am disgusted! I had put all my heart So I do not want to start again (thank you for the bug Audiofan…

  • Carvin Quad X-Amp

    Carvin Quad X-Amp - Genghis Khan's review


    Everything described above adj t: pramplis team of nine lamps for 4 channels etc. ...;-) UTILIZATION Simple operation, which is not done quickly around the cattle but rglages is with such ease that comes quickly find the appropriate ear. APRS is …