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Average Score:4.2( 4.2/5 based on 5 reviews )
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Audience: Beginners
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MGR/Anonymous's review"Jackson KVX10"

Jackson KVX10 King V
I bought it at GCs after Christmas sale. I was looking for a new guitar, and I knew I wanted this one about 3 months ago butwas just waiting to get a good deal somewhere. I paid $275 marked down from $410.

The V body looks awesome. The paint (black) is well done and not cheap looking. The Duncan designed pickups are the best stock pups I've heard in a guitar under $600 IMO. The clean sound is amazing, but the bridge is decent. The tune o matic bridge is nicer than I thought it would be. The sharkfin inlays look killer, and the neck is REALLY FAST.

Theres a very small paint chip on the bottom fin. Someone must of bumped it before I bought it because I noticed it within 10 minutes of getting home.

Very good construction. It's solid and pretty sturdy. The MIJ's are nicer than the Indian ones. The quality is outstanding. Feels better than my friends ESP for almost half the price (more than half if take the sale price)

This guitar is awesome. If you want a good looking, good playing guitar without dropping a fortune, get this. All it needs is a pup change to become a real killer guitar, gut the DDs arent bad for stock.

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MGR/Anonymous's review"Jackson KVX10"

Jackson KVX10 King V
I bought this guitar at a nearby Guitar Factory for a cool $270 considering it was marked $360 but they couldnt get rid of um. So they made a good deal wit me.

I love the V shape. The Duncun Design pickups r decent. They dont give very much feedback with my amp loud like my other guitar. So thats pretty good. The neck is pretty fast so it would be best used for metal or rock.

For some reason, on my Guild SG, i can speed pick, but the bridge on the V i cant do it very well. Picking and stuff can be sorta difficult for me cuz i think it uncomfortable. For the price, the pickups are good. But i plan to replace both of um with dimarrzo super distortions or some Seymour duncan Jazz and distortion.

Id say it jackson did a good job. A couple screws come loose once in a while, but nothing u cant handle. Also, ive bumped my guitar many times and the paint does not chip.

A good guitar. Dont spend more than $400 cuz it usually goes for that. Great for metal. Dont expect to get much jazz or blues out of it.

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Wing-Anh LUY05/23/2010

Wing-Anh LUY's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Jackson KVX10 King V
Guitar from Japan
Jackson easel good qualitée
24 frets
micro fair
1 Volume 1 tonnalitée a pickup selector


wide, flat handle enjoyable to play I could play on the ibanez is more flat and narrow and a bit less flat ESP and I prefer the narrow neck jackson ergonomics is not really the shape is beautiful the weight very slightly tend to fall access to acute sucks you get a good sound even when it compensates


sounds scaffold change the pickups, it suits my style of music I play usually with fairly heavy distortion a nice clean sound microphones are basic good without either breaking bricks I always duncan basic scaffold over which change absolutely because they are lame but remains above the average cheap microphones even when it is correct that sustain it but hey there 's best short I tested with 2 EMG 18 volts above and we will see ^ ^


I use it since December 2009, I test an ESP LTD F-2E before, they are not comparable level sonoritée in this guitar I would say that is the price + its characteristic generally short, she is a very well again as a choice I do not buy it because for 80-90 euros more you can get a randy R of the same mark in alder with seymour duncan TB-4 and SH-2 but has 22 frets but I would do this μ_μ purchase gladly x) frankly in a price range of about 550 euros to 400 I'd say she remains in the best guitars of this price (although I did not test masses instead ^ ^)

darktiti666's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Jackson KVX10 King V
Making Japanese-
Bolt-24 cells with rosewood fingerboard
Two Duncan Designed humbuckers, with 3 position selector
Bridge Floyd Rose-licensed (on my model, there are also fixed bridge model)
-Two knobs, one volume and one tone


Channel pleasant sitting acute access is quite easy (you have to get used to the form). The guitar is not balanced, it looks down and is the largest default. Otherwise a guitar made for metal but that can be used also in quieter styles.


As already said a guitar rather extreme but access still lacks micro potato in distortion. The sound is very clear lens and quite cold, the clear sound is not the highlight of this guitar. I use it on a Marshall MG and I replace the microphone for the guitar emg and is much better.


Its been 3 years since I use it, the guitar holds up, however she was often bullied into repeated xD The handle is really a shame it is not very balanced. I think the guitar is worth price, floyd holds up after 3 years no problem, even the handle did not move. I was beginning to buy and I think it's a good guitar to get your feet wet, it's really great to start the shred. The handle is flat but not too much so it's very easy to play it. I would do this choice!

le-pharmacien's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Jackson KVX10 King V
Manufacturing japanese pretty good but the model type flying V, Randy Rhoads and Kelly is still very fragile. The neck has 24 frets the neck is pretty fast when you want to tackle a shred of this model was on a 5-position selector knob and 2 tone and one volume of the pickups are duncan design at its close enough of true, yes the duncan design are only copies and does not produce the true sound of seymour for who want to make a micro and a classic 13 sh 59 'will be perfect for a hard heavy sound perfectly appropriate in the form of the guitar
the bridge is actually a very boring when Pink Floyd wants to change tuning
but changing strings is very fast


The guitar is very ergonomike when playing standing, it is biensur imposssible to play sitting each access to acute at times can be quite sporty but so used to the time the sound is very good for a guitar of this price I use on a mesa boogie triple rectified and I can, to ensure we do not feel the difference with a guitar more upscale (or very little).


This guitar is for rock, heavy, trash, and any other style can be quite aggressive without a problem obtaining enough crunch, bluesy, set the gain of the amp and the bottom is the sound that hard 'we play on this guitar mesa or marshall dechire really all.
The clean sound is pretty nice for a guitar hard Avoid playing with the bridge pickup because the sound saturates easily clean in the neck pickup is beautiful in its clean and the bridge pickup delivers a very specific saturation very very very very good its


I use a model in the same range with the same characteristics, the charm of the guitar comes recess shape, but this guitar still has the mouth and it sounds I try baucoup other hard guitar BC Rich , LTD, Ibanez, and I must say that it is in Jackson found a real instrument at a reasonable price but the quality excelenteje remake this choice without really hesitate