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Washburn V/XPL/FB Shaped Guitars news

  • [NAMM] New Washburn Paul Stanley Starfire guitar

    [NAMM] New Washburn Paul Stanley Starfire guitar

    01/31/13 in Washburn PS10 Starfire

    Kiss guitar player Paul Stanley signs a new Washburn PS10 Starfire guitar based on the PS12 model.

  • Washburn PS12 Starfire

    Washburn PS12 Starfire

    09/26/12 in Washburn PS12 Starfire

    Designed with Kiss' Paul Stanley and based on his USA Washburn PS2012 model, Washburn Guitars introduces the Washburn PS12 Starfire.

  • New Washburn HM Import Guitars

    New Washburn HM Import Guitars

    02/27/09 in Washburn WV40

    Washburn Guitars announced the release of the HM Import Guitar Series, which they describe as "stylish yet affordable".

  • Washburn WV 548

    Washburn WV 548

    04/02/08 in Washburn WV548

    Washburn will be launching a new line of guitars specifically aimed at shredders called the HM Series. There are a total of 9 guitars in the series and they feature three different body shapes, all targeted towards heavy metal players. The three body shapes include a V