Nasca Octavian Paul ZynAddSubFX [Freeware]
Nasca Octavian Paul ZynAddSubFX [Freeware]

ZynAddSubFX [Freeware], Virtual additive synth from Nasca Octavian Paul.

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Average Score:4.0( 4/5 based on 2 reviews )
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antiset's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Nasca Octavian Paul ZynAddSubFX [Freeware]
I found this synth ubuntu studio so it was installed automatically, simple implementation with jack.
I went with Mac OSX and there he runs with jack and the problem is that the version of osx jack will not be set in the South impossible to sequence (hope jack improve)


Test on laptop asus intel CoreDuo, 2GB RAM with sound card tascam us 428 and ubuntu studio
works well overall, trends in planting "unexpectedly" (probably due to bad settings on my part)
griselliser and if there is too much of her at the same time or if there are too many settings and view the possibilities we quickly tend to put a lot.
Mac osx view that one can not sequencer I can not say. Anyway it is better to use it on linux to the extent that it is native.


the coupling of the additive and subtractive effects much more complete, the possibility of infinite settings so great versatility in the possible sounds, polyphony, the work of waveforms ...
instability and a configuration not always obvious

I encourage all people interested by the synthesis virtual dive into this app to talk about and why it even better.

Norrin's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Nasca Octavian Paul ZynAddSubFX [Freeware]
Rather easy to install unless you want to compile it yourself.
No big problem setup, Linux software can be used with Jack and we must find the correct values ​​of latency but after that motion. The manual is on the site, c software quite complex but there is nothing really obscure.


And jack for use with other software such as Ardour and Muse, you better have a great CPU. The software is basically a large polyphonic synth with all the refinements possible, an agreement necessarily very rich tape heavily in hardware resources ... If in addition we have access drive and plugins in Ardour for instance, can trap ca .... So at least 1 GHz for a comfortable and easy to use standalone double for the full use with other programs ...


I use this software for 6 months, but occasionally enough for now.
I just realize that you can get the sample rate at 96kHz (or more?) With a 44.1 jack so you can taste the top quality engine with an old map. The author is a mathematics student and seems to have given a lot of attention to her ... There are several synthesis engines and can be filtered and modulated without restrictions, in short a big fat synth.
Patches demo is not bad at all. :-)

It is blackjack and LPG (sources available), runs on Linux and Windoze.
Software disregarded but will probably be rediscovered later version VSTI (?)