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  • Comparing Two Approaches to Drum-Track Creation

    Comparing Two Approaches to Drum-Track Creation - MIDI Drums vs. Audio Drum Loops


    If you’re not a drummer, but you need drum tracks for your productions — and assuming you don’t have the budget and facilities to hire and record a real drummer — you’re going to need to use either MIDI drums or audio drum loops to create your drum parts. Having used both extensively, I thought it would be helpful to present some of the pros and c…

  • The Top MIDI Grooves

    The Top MIDI Grooves - The Best MIDI Files for Virtual Drums


    So, you bought some virtual drums but none of the grooves really fit in your new song? Here you have a list of the best MIDI publishers- in no particular order of course.

  • The Best Virtual Drums

    The Best Virtual Drums - The Top Commercial Virtual Drums


    You want to record your newest song but you have no drummer or your drummer is sick? Virtual drums were conceived to solve this problem. Here is our selection of the best of them...

  • How to Get the Most Out of Them

    How to Get the Most Out of Them - Multitrack Drum Libraries


    More drum libraries are showing up in multitrack format from companies like Discrete Drums, Wizoo, East-West, Reel Drums, etc. Although these are sold on the basis of being useable out of the box for drum parts (with the additional advantage of being mixable), I see them more as a gold mine of raw materials for creating custom drum loops. Being ab…