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Korg Virtual instruments for iPhone / iPod Touch / iPad user reviews

  • Korg iPolysix

    Korg iPolysix - "Pure analog tone without the maintenance!"


    "I hear you're buying a synthesizer and an arpeggiator and are throwing your computer out the window because you want to make something real!" So goes the line in James Murphy's disco rant on LCD Soundsystem's first album. Ironically in an age whe…

Translated user reviews
  • Korg Gadget

    Korg Gadget - " Fascinating !!!"


    I use it for 1 year soon, he served as dozens of applications into a single unified and ergonomic. Korg has answered many of the objections made by the users (landscape mode pattern 16 measures, support midi controllers and CC, CC edition) Leve…

  • Korg Gadget

    Korg Gadget - " Shame ..."


    I use it for two days intensively. I love the collection and the amount of synth I hate lag whatsoever with midi keyboard or touch screen. The value for money is good, now if I have to change my iPad to use it fully so it will not do. Lim…

  • Korg iKaossilator 2

    Korg iKaossilator 2 - " Excellent"


    For having the KAOSSILATOR, I find this excellent application and who has not much to envy her big sister hardware set apart the amount of sound. The strength of this appl is the ease of producing a pattern and make it evolve, or mix with other pat…

  • Korg iElectribe for iPad

    Korg iElectribe for iPad - " Good BAR"


    For having the emx and esx electribes, Korg has really managed to keep the spirit of "fun and play". on the other hand, it is far from the possibilities offered by electribes hardwares. C is really a box with a pace to break beats, not a groove boxes…

  • Korg iMS-20

    Korg iMS-20 - rolandus's review


    The applie is pretty lightweight, it weighs less than 50 mo. It runs perfectly on my newipad without any lag. The interface is perfect, great job from Korg. It is well documented. This applie's just huge. This is not a simple but rather MS…