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Green Oak Virtual Synths user reviews

  • Green Oak Crystal [Freeware]

    Green Oak Crystal [Freeware] - Keyzer's review


    NO PROBLEM! SUITABILITY/PERFORMANCE No problem on a P4 2.66Ghz, 512 MB RAM with multiple audio tracks and some virtual instruments and plug-ins. OVERALL OPINION THEN Hats off to GRENN OAK !!!!! 10 no problem because there is no equivalent mat…

  • Green Oak Crystal [Freeware]

    Green Oak Crystal [Freeware] - ehma's review


    For installation, are meaningless, super simple SUITABILITY/PERFORMANCE Athlon XP2600 Barton on one with 1G ram, although it is not too little, but it is a plug-in gourmet irremplaceable. I have never seen such a synthesis (even in hard), it is…