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Zero-G Virtual Vocalists news

  • Zero-G Vocaloid3 Avanna speaks english

    Zero-G Vocaloid3 Avanna speaks english

    03/27/13 in Zero-G Vocaloid3 Avanna

    Zero-G completes its Vocaloid virtual singer collection with Avanna, the first female singer that can sing in english.

  • Zero-G Vocal Factory

    Zero-G Vocal Factory

    04/15/10 in Zero-G Vocal Factory

    Vocal Factory is designed to deliver three multi-format libraries in one – incorporating Vocal Forge and Vocal Foundry together with a new library, Vocal India.

  • Zero-G Vocaloid Sonika

    Zero-G Vocaloid Sonika

    07/14/09 in Zero-G Vocaloid Sonika

    Zero-G has announced Vocaloid Sonika, a new plug-in Virtual Vocalist modelled on the voice of a young girl pop singer, and powered by Yamaha's Vocaloid 2 Singing Synthesis Technology.

  • Zero-G Vocal Foundry

    Zero-G Vocal Foundry

    09/30/08 in Zero-G Vocal Foundry

    Zero-G has announced the release of the company's new Vocal Foundry collection.

  • [NAMM] Vocaloid Prima

    [NAMM] Vocaloid Prima

    01/17/08 in Zero-G Vocaloid Prima

    EastWest, exclusive U.S. distributor of Zero-G products, features Vocaloid Prima at NAMM.