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Vox SDC user reviews

  • Vox SDC-55

    Vox SDC-55 - "Vox solid body with their cool pickups"


    When you think about innovation in the guitar world Vox isnt the first company that normally comes to mind but if you look what they have been doing lately it is an accurate label for them. I played their HDC-77 recently and it was a breath of fresh …

  • Vox SDC-55

    Vox SDC-55 - " A great guitar!"


    Guitar made in Korea features on the manufacturer's website: http://www.voxamps.com/uk/guitars/series55/ Note 2 microphones (one inning, one bridge) splitables three positions: - Singlecoil - Singlecoil typed P90 - Humbucker Each micropho…

  • Vox SDC-55

    Vox SDC-55 - " Jumbo"


    I have a Vox TCS 55 for 9 Transredes mois.Eh bin is the total growing: * The violin is beautiful (domed center, trapping ergonomic), wood grain and binding are superb white cream is super class (body + head + neck). The gloss gives everything a ni…