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Washburn PRO X user reviews

  • Washburn X81FE

    Washburn X81FE - "Shortlived signature model"


    I dont know what has happened to Washburn recently but 10 or 15 years ago they had a ton of endorsees and were popular on the scene. This was the Jon Donais signature. He is the lead guitar player for Shadows Fall. I believe their guitar player still…

  • Washburn X50PRO

    Washburn X50PRO - "Nice simple shred guitar"


    Washburn is an American guitar company but more and more of their lineup is made overseas now. They were pretty popular about 10 year ago but nowadays you do not see many people playing them. They had some designs that I liked very much back in the d…

  • Washburn X50PRO

    Washburn X50PRO - "Washburn X50"


    i bought this guitar for about $400 at a local store. i bought it with a roland cube30 also. i love everything about this guitar. i bought it when i was 13 and this is my first electric guitar. i nvr have to tune it because it come with the grover …

  • Washburn X40PRO

    Washburn X40PRO - "Washburn X40"


    I sold my old epiphone Demon V and some paintball gear and was looking for a better guitar on musicansfriend.com. Boy was it my lucky day! They were having a clearance sale and i bought this baby for 200 bucks! it list for 700$! Oh man, I don't have…

  • Washburn X50PRO

    Washburn X50PRO - thirdeye's review


    Okay so since it is the opinion of dlivrer as objective as possible I give you the details of UNESCORecords can (yes sir ^ ^!) <ul> Mahogany Body Quilted maple carved top (X50PRO) String thru body Tune-o-matic bridge Set neck Rosew…

  • Washburn X50PRO

    Washburn X50PRO - Arockalypse's review


    - Made in Korea - Mahogany body - Table Curved Maple - Rope through- - Set-Neck - 24 boxes - 3 position selector - EMG 81 (bridge) and 85 (neck) - Rosewood - Exclusive Grover Tuners - Finish: Brilliant Red See Through - I got to…

  • Washburn X50PRO

    Washburn X50PRO - edguy58's review


    - Made in Korea - Mahogany body - Table Curved Maple - Rope through- - In neck - 24 cases - 3 position selector - Pickups EMG 81 (bridge) and 85 (sleeve) - Rosewood - Exclusive Grover Tuners - Finish: Gloss Black See Through UTI…

  • Washburn X50PRO

    Washburn X50PRO - Roxinhell's review


    We will remake a description: Guitar that has everything a Les Paul, except the form. Mahogany body, table stocky, bridge tun-o-matic with strings through-handle, al mcaniques Groover, Seymour Duncan SH1 in the neck (on) OR SH5 and SH11 in easel (I t…

  • Washburn X50PRO

    Washburn X50PRO - fred_etc's review


    Made in Korea I bought new 300 euros, but this is not representative because I live close to Korea, there is no VAT and it was in promotion ... Nonetheless I did not have the flight case. 24 frets 2 microphones and split high-end handle sh1 sd,…

  • Washburn X50PRO

    Washburn X50PRO - hugoret's review


    I'm not going to make my description collgues did ^ ^. UTILIZATION I have his sister version "mtal" (the x40 pro quip and a floyd same microphones (it has the same versatility). And I had the opportunity to try it in stores (just c'tait one occ…