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Bach Vincent Wind Instruments user reviews

  • Bach Vincent Stradivarius Bb 43/72 Light

    Bach Vincent Stradivarius Bb 43/72 Light - " Super big sound but must ensure"


    I use it since 1996. I have tried a lot including a Bach branch of my money before 43/72 light. When I play alone, the sound is superb with a large grain without being garish. on the other hand as there are people around and to be given much I …

  • Bach Vincent LT180ML43

    Bach Vincent LT180ML43 - dje the fly's review


    + I've had 10 years already ... / mouth Bach 1 1 / 2 C + The most: the single grain of bach, warmth and "opening" of sound on this model Bb. Veneer of good quality. Pistons irrprochables. + Is a detail, but no key to clear the water on the thir…

  • Bach Vincent Stradivarius Ténor 36B

    Bach Vincent Stradivarius Ténor 36B - inzedark's review


    I use the trombone for over five years for me is undoubtedly the best choice when you want to stay small Persian (to play several styles) and make the classic high (DEM) is possde all CHARACTERISTICS sound of a large Persian roundness, magnitude of t…

  • Bach Vincent 196

    Bach Vincent 196 - brett75's review


    By far the best piccolo of the market. It dominates all models short, Fully. Unfortunately trs rare, the 196s is a piccolo trumpet rve done. Perfect centering, superb projection. The mcanique Bach is here a delight. The BIG Stradivarius par excellenc…

  • Bach Vincent Stradivarius Basse 50B

    Bach Vincent Stradivarius Basse 50B - jls42's review


    Bass Trombone. JOperation to bass trombone since September 2002. It has good bass and is just in lensemble trs. Equipped with two classic barrel mount SERIES (It can be activated either the first or the 2nd or both at the same time). Jai else test …