AKG WMS 40 Guitar Diversity
AKG WMS 40 Guitar Diversity

WMS 40 Guitar Diversity, Wireless system from AKG in the WMS40 series.

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anakin 71 08/05/2011

AKG WMS 40 Guitar Diversity : anakin 71's user review

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I have for about a year. Before I had a mac mah (gadget) and a shure diversity.
I was captivated by the guitar bug that completely eliminates the case and the cable that goes with ... You know what a painful squeeze box on a strap and jack is too long or too short so often we end up having in the back?

Well then, no worries on that side. You plug the guitar into the bug, there's nothing in excess. Practice.
To prevent it from moving, there is the scope of elastic as stated above or if the scope of scratch. A small piece of Velcro on the female scrapes, scratch a little bit of male on the guitar bug and presto it no longer moves.

Performance-wise, nothing to say. The sound is not distorted, the range is long ...
There are three possible frequencies, the product is aesthetically cute .... In short a good product and cheap and more ... About 150 Euros.

A weak point? Ok one. Provide rechargeable batteries. The bug contains an AAA battery. About 10 hours of play, it just expensive stack .... 6-7 hours with a rechargeable battery. I have 4 batteries. I charge a turn. Never run out of fuel.

I biensur remake that choice without hesitation.