Audiophony UHF 200 TMTR-10
Audiophony UHF 200 TMTR-10

UHF 200 TMTR-10, Wireless system from Audiophony.

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hoov 04/20/2005

Audiophony UHF 200 TMTR-10 : hoov's user review


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Value For Money : Excellent
I use the microwave for 1 year
What I apprci price, I will not AIM ... many things ...
I tried but ultrieurement, Sennheiser HF, more expensive ... but in some applications the AudioPhony is totally wrong.

If you use two microphones, trs AudioPhony work well, the sound is average, Level karaoke base or host large area. But if it works technique, it was worth the money.

But the bad cot ... c surprise when using more than three microphones simultanment, you choose from the beautiful pannel channels available there are always interference, and ... it's hysterical that you arrived, fortunately, I had a backup 2 Sennheiser, they saved my life.

I am in favor of cheap products good value quality price, but microphone, anyway, the good old REFERENCE are still the most reliable. J'espre to finding a amilioration in the next version of HF Audiophony.

Note 6 / 10, is in single dcompose 8 / 10, use multiple micro 2 / 10