Kurzweil PC361
Kurzweil PC361

PC361, Workstation from Kurzweil in the PC3 series.

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Kurzweil PC361 news

  • Kurzweil PC361 Review

    Kurzweil PC361 Review


    The newest member of the PC3 family, the PC361 is a powerful digital modular synthesizer, representing Kurzweil's return to leading the music scene and the supremacy of VAST synthesis. Welcome to the extreme test…

  • Kurzweil Releases PC361

    Kurzweil Releases PC361


    The 61-note PC361 is designed to deliver 128 voices with hundreds of new sounds: basses, drums, guitars, and synths, along with a collection of keyboard emulations, KB3 Mode and 250+ orchestral and string section programs.