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  • Xp AG450

    Xp AG450 - Audiofanzine FR's review


    (Originally written by jacqn/translated from Audiofanzine FR) Plastic back. Mine is in perfect condition but I saw some blistered ones at a store! (as if they had pox!). So watch out when you pick one. Pro: It looks really sexy! My bandmat…

Translated user reviews
  • Xp copie Les Paul

    Xp copie Les Paul - " A stroke of luck can be ..."


    I bought this guitar in 2008, from folk guitar to electric. It was a copy of Gibson Les Paul Black Beauty and all, I must admit, I cracked. I knew nothing yet electric guitar (not brands) and I therefore had no a priori. The only brand with any w…

  • Xp Classical Guitar

    Xp Classical Guitar - " good guitar for beginners"


    classical guitar handle breaks 19 UTILIZATION the handle is pretty standard classic guitar low end sound rather surprising for the price I can easily play hendrix blues or good warm even flamenco SOUNDS no it does not suit me personally …

  • Xp AG450

    Xp AG450 - " Mixed" has images


    See more advice. I have the sunburst model. Pretty face, I enjoy watching it. The truss rod makes me fairly confident, I hacked a bit but the action is fairly high. My other guitar also has a high action so it does not bother me, it's muscle, a…

  • Xp X240

    Xp X240 - " gt little amp electric home"


    20 W, 1 input, headphone and sound. overdrive and reverb. UTILIZATION can listen at home. SOUNDS sound correct, but no more. OVERALL OPINION compact amp for home. …

  • Xp X250B

    Xp X250B - " small amp for home"


    20 W, 2 inputs, headphone jack, sound output. 2 buttons for volume, equalization of the whole. UTILIZATION advantage of the bass amp is that you can also connect the electronic machines or a vocal mic. SOUNDS can listen at home. we will n…

  • Xp Copie Jackson Dinky type

    Xp Copie Jackson Dinky type - " Not bad!"


    Handle something or screwed 24frets Red "lucifer" Jackson Dinky type copy of 2 humbuckers Licensed floyd rose tremolo 3potar, one for mic volume and an easel for Volume tone for another round A switch 3 positions (Bridge / Bridge + Channel / …

  • Xp Ag600

    Xp Ag600 - " It is good for the beach ^ ^"


    wooden handle .... not bad not without laughter I know nothing UTILIZATION sitting, standing, lying on the train, on the beach, in the toilet .... YES its use everywhere is nice ^ ^ SOUNDS The sound is somewhat muffled OVERALL OPINION I…

  • Xp AG450

    Xp AG450 - nebs's review


    Manufactured in Korea under license Ovation (and yes they ratchet patent) in the same factory as the Ovation Applause who score 400 euros (I bought mine 180 euros Cygnus) I had a test Ovation 300 euros OCCAZ but also Xp it is scabies and prampli Supe…

  • Xp Stratocaster

    Xp Stratocaster - guitarist-9395's review


    Japanese -manufacture -21 Frets 3 single coils micro -vibrato the fender kind (but qualitée !!) -1 Volume tonalitée 2 (a handle and a brigde) 5 position selector -manche stratosphere USE The handle is quite nice, however the tross rod (…