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Yamaha AX (Amp) user reviews

  • Yamaha AX-570

    Yamaha AX-570 - " Satisfying for me"


    Amp bought there two months in a "pitcher" for 70 Euros, the source selector did not work, disassembly and cleaning it solved the problem. I once had an amp technics low end of the 90s Very powerful amp, however, I did not push at all. I've hea…

  • Yamaha AX-592

    Yamaha AX-592 - " Nice ch'val"


    I bought it at Cash Converter to occaze for une50taine of € at the time when I was broke, and my Yamaha M-4 dropped me (my fault for that matter). 4 years ago, so. Tried anything else ... I was in no position to be very demanding, but it was a r…

  • Yamaha AX-492

    Yamaha AX-492 - " RAS"


    YAMAHA HiFi. the sound YAM 2X100 W nothing to say it's incisive YAMAHA well as do the Japanese. RAS …

  • Yamaha AX-596

    Yamaha AX-596 - " Sometimes good, sometimes broken eardrums ..."


    Somewhat surprisingly, this amp. I use it with B & W DM4 speakers and rendering is pretty convincing: the detailed, full and issue power, y 'has more than enough. Precision (analytical according to some, but it's not my opinion) is interesting for …

  • Yamaha AX-700

    Yamaha AX-700 - blaez_minkoff's review


    I use it for 5 months but it is an amp that has more than ten years. I think it is the late 80s. 5 RCA inputs (2 with back to tape, mini computer or sound card) Output for 2 pairs of speakers. The sound is very natural. I also availing onesel…

  • Yamaha AX-596

    Yamaha AX-596 - Highjah's review


    I possde this amp for 8 years. I immediately t surprised to hear of micro-dtails I had never heard with my amp prcdants (JVC and Kenwood). I t cons by far less sduit its low register, which seems to me still lacking in attack and precision. …

  • Yamaha AX-596

    Yamaha AX-596 - Fks's review


    I have seven years. I use it with JBL xti60, the quality of sound is good trs (I hear sounds that do not reproduce my monitoring) and the reserve power is very nearly too high. The report price is good quality, I had to get out at that time to le…

  • Yamaha AX-470

    Yamaha AX-470 - gildem's review


    Very good amp for everyday use, sturdy, strong, powerful, reliable. Good value. N / A Very good amplifier to use regularly. Sturdy, powerful,reliable, Good price.…

  • Yamaha AX-570

    Yamaha AX-570 - mckseb's review


    It's a good power amplifier that possde a pure direct connection to neutralize the corrections bass and loudness aigues.Son is enjoyable for its flexibility in rduire puissance.Avec time a depoussirage s' imposes, note that the shell creates mtalliqu…