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Yamaha Club IV user reviews

  • Yamaha S115IV

    Yamaha S115IV - " Good quality / price ratio from current 15 inches"


    Use for 14 years and .... Never a failure. These speakers do not have m never lets despites heavy use. Repeated, concert ... Etc. Good compared with the current V club and good build quality. Used with a P4500 amp of the same brand or crown …

  • Yamaha S112IV

    Yamaha S112IV - " used prestats and loc, indestructible"


    How long have you use it? 10 years, boomer changed to DELTALITE eminence 2512 What is the particular feature you like best and least? + Titanium compression, eminence speakers, sound box - CABLERIE jack to change Have you tried many other m…

  • Yamaha SM15IVN

    Yamaha SM15IVN - pulvonium's review


    Pregnant back strong, well endowed with connectors (two Jacks and two Speakon), solid but a bit heavy. The designer would do well to make Tolex (the carpet is beautiful but messy) and put two handles. For sound coming out, however, this is good w…

  • Yamaha S115IV

    Yamaha S115IV - " Somewhat satisfied"


    I have two pairs for over 10 years. it's a fairly aggressive in pregnant acute, a big lack of bass but ideal when coupled with the subs I should point out that often speaks of his aggression in the acute, however, an average outdoor range, it turns…

  • Yamaha S115IV

    Yamaha S115IV - Zecat's review


    I use these speakers for 3 years. I bought them used with a new console EMX 212S. I first listened to the nine to the same budget: nothing that motivated me. Then I heard the S 115 V which I immediately made beaver! Lack of off-budget pot, but a po…

  • Yamaha SW215IV

    Yamaha SW215IV - losc's review


    For how long have you been using it? 2years What thing do you like most/least about it? as the price quality the least: I beg carpeted and it has no wheels Did you try many other models before getting this one? not What is your opinio…

  • Yamaha SW118IV

    Yamaha SW118IV - dusted's review


    It will soon be 5 years that I use these boxes, and I'm not disappointed. I use them in active filter with a cutoff frequency of 250Hz on an amplifier Interm M1000 (2x500W). They are properly serious, even if the frequency is in dscente can limit…

  • Yamaha S115IV

    Yamaha S115IV - manudox's review


    - How long have you use it? my pair is 8 years old and DJ is in good condition - What is the particular feature you like best and least? + Trs good rap qualitprix Boomer-finish grille with acute and visible just out of fashion at the time of …

  • Yamaha S115IV

    Yamaha S115IV - donsalluste's review


    Pregnant of good design j have a pair for 3 years that I used about 6 times a year for annimations my dealer sold me for 500w 2 boomers and many result in three evening I help with a Samick amp smp6000 (2 * 350w/8ohms) power is correste for s…

  • Yamaha S115IV

    Yamaha S115IV - olivier085's review


    I use it in rehearsal for 4 years. So that's really the jaille is aggressive as possible, there's no bass and I speak not of acute, but the price is good for what we can really criticize? I will not explain the number of times the acute dropped ... …