LG ADR 620
LG ADR 620

Audio CD Recorder

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Value For Money: Excellent
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PryDpaniK 06/05/2011

PryDpaniK's review (This content has been automatically translated from French) " a very useful oldies"

1 - Skamp is my brother's, who gave it to me because I had nothing to
register, sold in 2007, never with soucy!

2 - the only model that I test drive the show.

3 - _enregistrement in optical
_l'enregistrement is true to the sound that enters the burner.
_encombrant, compared to a digital recorder or a PC with a
_ne serious than the CD "audio".
_encode with a good rate even in analog.

4 - since I have not paid, the report is great! I often go out
to save my friends and me in the studio room, free ...
Often I record in addition to recording onto the PC (with
Audacity for example), although the quality is better on the drive.
Dom Brunet 04/26/2006

Dom Brunet's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

The LG ADR 620 is built from the platform of the harman Kardon
CDR2 is a real hoax, I do not know where fabiqué Asia ...

The LG seems much stronger than harman, € 130 bought new in 2005, still running!
That said, the part A / D converter input seems of good quality,
addr 620 and was rather cheap, like the CDR2 Harman € 690 in 2000