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Thread unread[Getting started] Demystifying Synth Programming - Part 1[Sound Synthesis]0gearyelton2308/28/2015 08:51
by gearyelton
Thread unread[Getting started] Major and Minor Modes[Music Theory]2newjazz4408/28/2015 07:08
by Mike Levine
Thread unread[Getting started] Use a Gate to Kill the Spill[Getting Started]0okcomputerik3008/26/2015 15:01
by okcomputerik
Thread unreadhello[Recording & Mixing]1dominhsanh834308/25/2015 02:10
by CaliMoose
Thread unreadComments about the feature article: Tracking and Mixing with Nolly[Sound Techniques]0Mike Levine5508/21/2015 15:45
by Mike Levine
Thread unreadiOS Application for Recording and Networking[Do It Yourself]0viktoraven7708/19/2015 14:43
by viktoraven
Thread unread[Getting started] Don't Let it Bleed[Getting Started]0Nantho5508/19/2015 11:45
by Nantho
Thread unreadFinding a mic's sweet spot for vocals[Recording & Mixing]2fightlikeabrave51208/17/2015 05:28
by Brad Houston
Thread unread[Getting started] It All Starts with Twelve Notes[Music Theory]1newjazz8508/16/2015 04:28
by Netten
Thread unreadThread to be solvedMy current DIY projects... at a turtle's pace.[Do It Yourself]1cifrah6908/12/2015 06:25
by Mike Levine
Thread unread[Getting started] Setting the Gate[Getting Started]0Nantho5208/10/2015 14:12
by Nantho
Thread unread[Getting started] Play It By the Rules[Mastering]0sleepless11108/05/2015 13:12
by sleepless
Thread unread[Getting started] Noise Gate 101[Getting Started]0Nantho7308/03/2015 13:27
by Nantho
Thread unread[Getting started] It's Your Gain![Getting Started]6Nantho52408/01/2015 06:04
by Congadude
Thread read[Getting started] All You Need to Know About Sound Synthesis[Sound Synthesis]0newjazz7407/30/2015 08:36
by newjazz
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