Godin A12

Godin A12

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A12, 12 String Guitar from Godin in the A series.

2 user reviews

Godin A12 tech. sheet

  • Manufacturer: Godin
  • Model: A12
  • Series: A
  • Category: 12 String Guitars
  • Added in our database on: 08/01/2006

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Godin A12 user reviews

Average Score:5.0( 5/5 based on 2 reviews )
 2 reviews100 %

pmilani's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Godin A12
Made in Canada, quality components:
Hard maple neck
Radius of 40.6 cm (16 in.)
Pitch of 64.75 cm (25 1 / 2 inch)
Nut 4.3 cm (1 11/16)
Silver Leaf Maple body dual acoustic chamber
Solid Cedar
LR Baggs ribbon sensors and preamplifiers special pre-aligned
Controls the volume, medium, treble and bass
Color Natural Satin

The body has two acoustic chambers in silver maple with a thickness of 51 mm and is covered with a solid cedar top is perfectly symmetrical. The handle of 64.75 cm is made of hard maple and covered with a rosewood fingerboard


I wanted a 12 string with a stick thin enough for my small hands and the ones I tried seemed impossible to play, with sleeves too wide or too big.
The Godin A12 is ideal for this, the handle is of course wider than a 6 string but low and in addition it is relatively flat which makes the game
The action is reasonably comfortable, I also just down smoothly. On some 12-string is recommended to play open chords on that one I think we can play standard because it is not difficult to bars that ring, and chain chords and arpeggios.

In addition, the guitar is remarkably light in which further increases the comfort of play

As soon as I got this guitar I changed the strings for ELIXIR 18152 BRONZE ANTI RUST 10/47, for their sound quality but also for their longevity to avoid having to change them too often (12 string c ' is still long).


Godin's reputation for its acoustic-electric (I often read this formula for Godin instead of electro-acoustic), is well established and indeed they are seen regularly on stage and played by professionals not lower (the A 12 is used by Brian May in concert especially for Love of My Heart)
It is clear that this is not a sound but the real
internal chambers can produce enough resonance. on the other hand when compared with other electro-acoustic sound is impressive and quite natural, especially in this price book. I never tried the 12-string high-end such as Guild and I guess it's something else but for how often different prices!
As for me and for the use I make it the best possible compromise, a sound beautiful, rich sound, due to the large number of harmonics that make this a warm and enveloping, entrancing enough. I think it's really superb rhythm, obviously with more open chords.
It's a real treat to find the magnitude of the sound of Hotel California, folk ballads, some of Genesis and of course to Wish you were here on my amp (Schertler Unico).


I've had three months.
I tried other models from 500 to € 1500 which I had not convinced, especially with the size of my hand, comfort is an important issue for me, and I despaired of having one day a 12-string. Then I read good things about the United States Godin sites, I decided to trust the advice and I did well. Besides a few weeks after I also bought her little sister the Godin A6 Ultra.
The value for money seems largely unbeatable.

talabao's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)"OMNI standout, Class Extra Terrestrial"

Godin A12
Specifications mentioned in other reviews and available on the site of Godin Guitars, making unnecessary repetition.
Cover Godin top quality, real class!
Godin is the design, in my philosophy the more practitioner oriented.
The technique and technologies are implemented fully made transparent to the user for his only happiness.
with one caveat ..


Again Godin is distinguished with near perfect factory settings to suit most guitarists unretouched.
In fact it sounds just input, which is unusual.
I adjusted the neck according to my taste for a very low action, very slightly oblique, adapted to my style of play, no problem.
The original strings are excellent and deliver rich, nuanced, but still powerful acoustic use.
A recovery of tension is necessary for a week on new cords, normal.
This tuning rule offers a daily time of conditioning.
This ritual, made laborious by the 12 strings is greatly facilitated by high quality mechanical, linear, smooth, extremely accurate and reliable, and here again the rope in his right hand to catch the tension is a useless gesture.
Fabulous gameplay only limited by the size of fingers, a chord is still possible at 17 am and check over with a little practice, facilitated further refined by the junction of the body and neck, nothing to do with a standard box, more easy as a TV or even a Start.
Yes yes! it is a 12-string electro-acoustic and moreover, permitted the solos!
Maple neck, a bit large to me compared to my habits, rather flat, very comfortable, which I made without thinking.
But decisive advantage, he can do arpeggios on each of the 12 strings, anyway!
The cons back is a little bulky in the palm although relatively flat, small hands may prefer this point that an Epiphone whose sleeves are narrow and fine specialty.
The results obtained sustain and sound quality leaves no doubt about the relevance of the choice of materials and quality construction, it distributes throughout harmonics and sends it hard from the first notes.
The satin-thin layer on the handle part with medium frets and well finished with ease and comfort of a game, it glides really alone.
It is found everywhere happily participating in the aesthetics, tone, strength (no shield) and say it, the sensuality of the subject.
Lightweight and easily exploitable standing due to its low thickness it may be used without fatigue.
The balance is excellent despite the heavy weight of the head must be very slightly offset when playing seated, it is not noticeable at stake standing with a harness.
Only retail for adjusting the neck which will concern only a few obsessed with low action, I will take the height of the bridge about - 1 mm to search for a more linear low action between the head and upper neck, to follow. .


Hmmmm sound is good! eat it!
It is first and always what happens to produce the guitar, a little reminder in passing.
I will not speak of his Godin as we can do for other brands sounds very typical.
First, it sounds to fall, it's clear right from the grip.
This guitar simply expands my potential game and pushes far my technical limitations and expressiveness of my game by giving me the nuances and subtleties that I had not previously had access.
It is obvious, another way to play.
Everything is there, shine, definition, sharpness, roundness and width of the spectra, even more astonishing power.
For despite its size and lack of rosette power and projection are waiting for you, even if it is not his vocation it is not ridiculous, however.
I ask the only shade here reserve my appreciation (!) On the electro.
We must distinguish uses acoustic and electro-acoustic!
The piezo system is still unable to marry the best of both worlds, whatever its quality.
Let me explain:
acoustics as well.
in electronics, however, the use of piezo amputate his severely with all his wealth so special.
Gross loss of bass and midrange, treble too present, the return becomes a little shrill and metallic, losing in passing all the nuances that are part of the charm of this fabulous machine.
Can not have strictly the same game in acoustics and electro-acoustics.
Can be compensated by the way, cheating tricks, but what is lost is lost.
Technical accuracy, I tried a 60 and an EAR ZT, also try a more Carlsbro Cobra 'hot' dish at 14 'gained consciousness, but without illusions ..
Godin is the choice of the LR Baggs, without a doubt one of the best pickups on the market in this range.
I tell myself that this is the least worst choice, the default under the piezo technology, the problem is otherwise similar and recurrent for all brands that use this method.
For delivery 'classic' is enough.
For recording faithfully reproduces what you want to chop you will need a transplant to the former, with a good old mic recovery.
But it finally does little musicians.
A final word to qualify this review a bit, my jacks and wireless are not the best quality and may have induced some or all of loss frequency that I describe above ..
I do it again jack tests with 'pro' history to have the heart net and to render unto Caesar what belongs to him ..


I've had a month now.
I made this choice after testing the A6 which had made a big impression, and the practice of the 12 strings in general.
For 35 years I had a Framus, Hohner, Epiphone, Ibanez JAP .. and I had the opportunity to try other brands and models from Guild, Martin or Ovation.
For me that there would Ovation really stand out, but it remains a special case, the Guild also very endearing character.
There is no contradiction in love and have several 12 strings.
everything is gone over, directed, designed and made to free the user to bring something else ', so no problem ..
Fewest: .. except on the piezo (tests in progress ..).
The song is worth more than the plumage.
This is clearly not a guitar or sham lumberjack.
It is an instrument connoisseur of aesthetic epicure, pure genius, who will make you a goldsmith. Mr. Godin thank you!
Chipotons do not affect the price that would be vulgar.
Is given, or almost ..
I already had a LGXT, so I've redone the choice of brand, and I cracked one of these four for a GBA, no question.
Incidentally, these marvels really stay the coast, a little more ..
* OMNI Unidentified Musical Object

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