Seagull Coastline S12 Cedar
Seagull Coastline S12 Cedar

Coastline S12 Cedar, 12 String Guitar from Seagull in the Coastline series.

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All user reviews for the Seagull Coastline S12 Cedar

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Average Score:4.4( 4.4/5 based on 9 reviews )
 4 reviews44 %
 5 reviews56 %
Value For Money:Excellent
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moosers's review

Seagull Coastline S12 Cedar
The Seagull Coastline Ceder 12 string guitar is an overall great 12 string guitar. Seagull prides themselves on making high quality hand made guitars, and this one of my favorites that they make. It is not an acoustic-electric, so it does not have any pick ups or setting controls. The neck is made out of silver leaf maple and has a great feel to it.


The neck of the Seagull Coastline 12 string guitar is easy to play and overall has a great feel to it. It is easy to play all around the neck, but I usually don't play too many high notes when I am playing a 12 string guitar. It is a light guitar in terms of weight and has a pretty basic shape. The inherent sound of this 12 string is great and I consider it one of the best 12 string guitars for your buck.


The Seagull Coastline 12 string guitar is great for all types of music that you would want to use an acoustic 12 string guitar, but I have used it mostly in rock and pop music with good results. I have only used this guitar in the studio for recording overdubs, and whenever I use it I come away with a good sound. Since it is easy to play, it makes it easy to get a tone that I am happy with. Theres nothing like a great 12 string guitar part and this guitar definitely has the capabilities to make some great 12 string parts.


I've been using the Seagull Coastline 12 string guitar for recording for about a year and have been thoroughly impressed with this guitar, especially considering how inexpensive and well made they are. This isn't as great as a classic Martin 12 string, but for the price it is a great option that won't break the bank. I love the overall sound and feel of this 12 string and I'm a really big fan of 12 strings in general due to their full and unique tone. If you are interested in getting a reasonable priced 12 string guitar that is much cheaper than you would think, this is absolutely worth a look.
Audiofanzine FR11/06/2008

Audiofanzine FR's review

Seagull Coastline S12 Cedar
(Originally written by leruisseau/translated from Audiofanzine FR)

Made in Canada.
Massive cedar top, cherrywood back and sides, silver maple neck, rosewood fingerboard. There's also a peamp version available.
Classic dimensions for a dreadnought model. Plain and natural finish.


Round and comfortable neck. It's my first 12-string and I was afraid I would have difficulties playing it but it's not the case. It's even easier to play open chords than with a 6-string. The guitar stays in tune but you'll have to tune it again if you transport it, even if in a hard case. Easy to reach the 15th fret, but it isn't as easy to get to the 17th. But this is quite normal since the guitar has no cutaway.


I find the sound very nice: It can be light and crystal-clear when you play it soft and it becomes fuller when you play it harder. The sound seems well balanced to me. It's great for arpeggios and rhythm guitar. Be careful because the sound is much bigger than that of a 6-string and it can fill up a room easily. It's exactly the sound I was looking for.


I've been using it for 3 months and I'd say it's a good 12-string guitar for beginners (like me). I don't really have anything to criticize and I haven't had any ugly surprises for the time being. I believe the guitar is great for the money! Then again, I couldn't really compare it to other models so my opinion is quite biased.

(update from 11/06/2008: after nearly one year of use, I still have nothing to criticize and I like the sound more and more. Arpeggio playing is interesting but not for every song. It's good to also have a 6-string for "standard" playing. In short, the sound is powerful and it's a real pleasure!
MGR/Dave Schutte01/10/2003

MGR/Dave Schutte's review"Seagull S12"

Seagull Coastline S12 Cedar
I was searching for my first 12-string in the music stores in Houston, TX. This was back in 1993 or 94. The retail price was around $600. I had looked at several dozen guitars and had narrowed my choices to the Seagull or a used Martin for about the same price. I settled on the Seagull because it had the same sound quality as the Martin and was easier to play than the Martin.

This guitar has a big, mellow sound. I play with several worship teams at church, and this 12-string is a perfect accompaniment instrument for vocal solos and small groups. Sound and playability are both enhanced by the use of Martin Silk-&-Steel strings. Bruce Petros (Petros guitars, Kaukauna, WI) reworked the bridge and added a Fishman bridge pickup. Using a Fishman preamp and one of Bruce's acoustic Soundboard amplifiers duplicates the sound and creates the illusion of two 12-string guitars in unison...a wonderful sound for vocal accompaniment in larger spaces or with large groups.

No dislikes.

I've used this Seagull S12 for about 10 years now. The neck has not deformed and the body construction is still buzz. It holds its tuning very well (especially for a 12-string). The 12-coat alcohol-based lacquer leaves the wood able to resonate for a really big sound.

Of the 12-strings I played before I chose this Seagull, this was definitely the best sound for the price. The test of time has not degraded the sound or the playability. If you want to spend several thousand dollars, you can find better guitars, but for well under a thousand the Seagull is a great choice.

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shaps's review(This content has been automatically translated from French)" I love it"

Seagull Coastline S12 Cedar
quality GODIN: CANADA hand crafted, cedar table, box cherry, maple neck, satin varnish finish. Godin preamp, small, simple but effective, integrated (very, very useful on a 12-string) tuner.


My first criterion for selection of a 12-string was easy to handle: certe wide and flat, but easy to play, thanks to a factory set low action. BRAVO Canadian luthiers!


My second selection criterion: the sound! here is magic, his brilliant and flute, very balanced, rich in harmonics, mediums oriented as I like. The sustain is there, comparable to my foot .. Taylor dynamic to play or picking arpeggios.
Guitar plugged directly Soundcraft + Mackie srm 450: same sound, same charm, with comparatively less feedback on the system Taylor.


I have since one month, but this is my 2nd SEAGULL 12 STRING, sold there qques years for a Takamine, what a mistake! J have since tried several 12 strings: CORT WASHBURN LAG TAKA MARTIN GUILD, I have hesitated with Martin dx1 12 closer round, but its unfortunately too Guild to its huge but equally huge inning.
special that you love the most: its very rewarding.
price / quality: excellent for a Canadian Handmade guitar.

With experience, you do again this choice? yes and I prove.

ericpenot's review(This content has been automatically translated from French)" a good 12-string in 600 euros"

Seagull Coastline S12 Cedar
12 Cedar rope manufactured in Canada.


nice round thick enough .. heavy head, his very proper




for over 20 years: Good ... good guitar ....
Van Teulin07/17/2011

Van Teulin's review(This content has been automatically translated from French)" Bluffing!"

Seagull Coastline S12 Cedar
This guitar is Canadian, table, red cedar, cherry back and sides. Maple neck, rosewood fingerboard, 21 frets, joining body / handle to the 14th box. The bridge is to ankles. The mechanical oil baths Seagull stamped, they are accurate and reflect well the agreement. Very clean finish, with varnished and well-tended, cream netting round the head and body.
It's a nice looking guitar, the veining of the wood are beautiful, the head is adorned with many fine 12 lifts, small pickguard fits in short, it is beautiful!


The handle is wide enough and a little thicker than a 6 string, but no deterrent. The grip takes a little getting used to, but once we found his position, no tires more. For large hands like me, you can play thumb over without a problem, little fingers may have to have to get behind the thumb in a more traditional, but now I walk a little ... Note that the factory setting is nickel, the guitar is really ready to play immediately.
The shape is a classic dreadnought, it is quite light, easy to learn, and there all sizes find their marks with no problem.


While his side, that's where it all happens: a dreadnought, it has a projection and volume quite impressive! The balance between the frequencies is really good, it's clear, crystalline, good solid bass but not invasive, the sound is rich and full, the guitar is "live", it sings, it lives, it really makes you want to play.
For me an acoustic guitar worthy of the name must "sing", it must respond to my requests and the groove is born of this union! I love the crystal-clear highs and low invasive. I can not stand the guitars neutral, flat and soft, the ones that give the impression to keep her inside, it is necessary that inspires me and my guitar makes me want to play Let's live, it makes move in the air!


I tried several models before this one: Ibanez, Takamine, and Valley Blues, Lag, none has really satisfied, not even I Lag "chosen" catalog, namely T400J12, c ' is a jumbo that should have potatoes, but not ... And then I came across this Seagull, not really by chance because I called my favorite little shop the day before and told me about the maker in many, it was full of praise, and I could check with my own ears what he meant. She's cute, it sounds, it responds well to the nuances of the game, that I fit in with a pick or my fingers caress, she always responds with the character is never flat or gling-gling. And then the sound of a 12-string, when it sounds is that of happiness, it fills the sound!
It comes without case, but my favorite luthier gave me a gigbag, so I left his shop with this Seagull in hand, convinced that he had found a guitar whose quality (grades?) Is with the shovels much more expensive. Excellent value for money then, and this choice I would do without hesitation!

Anonymous 's review(This content has been automatically translated from French)

Seagull Coastline S12 Cedar
canada, machine ... Finally, look for a website.


the handle? yeah, nickel

ergonomics ... bah it's a dread, so yeah

Access in acute ... bah it's a dread

good sound! for a yes! <img class="smiley" src="" alt="biggrin" />

otherwise I like the overall feel of the guitar enough roots ... I love, I surkiffe same! And that's one of the few that I've jou silk so enjoyable to play for long ... PERIOD it goes well for fingerpicking, I would say it is really good at actually ... and that's a good little dread ... she looks more solid enough, my lg is crap compared to * _ *, yet it is not EMDU my lg ... but the now it's all over, I feel like an Art & Lutherie parlor ... alala but damn! it is not reasonable!


standard style ... yeah, that's what a 12-string ^ ^

36 there's no sound. Finally, it is always the same sound but with variations if you want is what a sound ... and yeah, it is tip-top-l on this subject!

the table in cedar produces a warm and articulated with acute trs cool ... euuh and then ... it projects well!


I do not know, a little less than a month ...

yeah I tried a 12-string guitar shit, ibanez, cort, fender, takamine ... Taylor had a hole in the ass, but silent CHRE WELL ... and then I bought this used seagull ... Voil <img class="smiley" src="" alt="" />

with exprience ... costs to the price, yeah, a donf '! APRS is that if I sr 3000 ay fuck ... I MDIT the good comes the one thing ... but well, frankly ... wow ... There's the guitars that sound better than my seagull? * _ * Not because I think a lot!

the ratio Q / P is final ... well mostly secondhand, but even new ... * _ *

go, a small drawback, must find a way to amplify sound with relatively natural. But has come and I have a guitar virgin prfre any micro that full of holes with a piezo dzouinnng is not terrible: '/ l and then, I would play with all his brute it.

romain56's review(This content has been automatically translated from French)

Seagull Coastline S12 Cedar
Guitar-made in Canada by Godin and home couraging hand
-21 Frets
Round-table in mahogany and cedar (semi-gloss finish)


-Handle quite enjoyable though it is large (h yes it is a twelve string!)
No-pan shot but we did not feel the need the rope 12 n'tant not an instrument with which to play cheche in acute
-Relatively easy to play (compared to other 12 string I ssay the strings are more space and freight are trs prs Manir has an electric guitar)


-As a big fan of zep '(led zeppelin for uneducated) is the instrument I wanted. trs are well grazed and his acoustic for beautiful harmonics.
-Low on this instrument are well rounded it is for me the highlight of Seagull
She has are her own characters and are recognizable among many others, a guitar that sounds! Totally in love


- I do possde only a few days
- It's the easiest 12 string I was playing I ssay notament ssay Washburn and cort)
- This is my 12-string Premire
- For that price I want to say that nearly the upscale, the finish is irrprochable.
- It is making more hand
- Watch all of the same table appears trs sensitive scratch (I tried a store which had taken some shots mdiator
I Do not hesitate to repeat this choice

alexalagratte's review(This content has been automatically translated from French)

Seagull Coastline S12 Cedar
General appearance: good grip. Quality of wood and finishes.


Channel: it is large and heavy but the strings are very close to the handle making the game easy. Better to wait a few days after the Spanish tuning, not to hear the strings sizzle (woodworking) as was the case on the first day.


Sound: It is improving day by day, it thickens and heats up a little more.
Attention, the set of strings with a preinstalled conventional octave that one does not sound the same as 6 strings amplified. The sound is less serious and less cumbersome than what I watch, but at the same time new tones appeared in my ears; tones that I was not on my 6 string. As is often said, the game on 12-string is quite different from that of 6.
For me, pieces of rock or blues-pop makes them less well, while songs with open chords become majestic (interesting for the picking)


I read and reread all opinions about this guitar before I buy on the internet.
In short, I was afraid to buy a piece of wood with a dozen strings stretched ready to crack your fingers of the hand.
I also read everything related to the tuning of this type of instrument.
After a month of use, I recommend this guitar for those who like me want to start the 12-string without breaking the bank. (PS: tuner required) by insisting on the fact that it is an instrument well away from the 6-string! Beware of disillusionment.