Stanton Magnetics SMX-201

SMX-201, 2-Channel Mixer from Stanton Magnetics.

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All user reviews for the Stanton Magnetics SMX-201

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Average Score:3.8( 3.8/5 based on 6 reviews )
 1 user review17 %
 3 reviews50 %
 2 reviews33 %
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ericou1's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Stanton Magnetics SMX-201
- 2 line inputs on RCA [2 tapes EQ]
- 2 phono (turntable) in CAR with the GND [2-band EQ]
- 1 RCA output
- 1 microphone jack between 6.5 (big jack) [mono, two-band EQ]
- 1 headphone jack with 6.5 [Stereo]


Audio setup easy.
Everything falls to hand.
The manual (which is very short) is not used much in the limited thing to know.

The beginner will be comfortable with the console but it is really for beginner because there are only 2 band EQ for both the microphone and chains.
For the micro I regret the fact that it is only 6.5 jack for I used XLR cables that offer excellent quality Gnrale for a DJ ... but in fact was enough. The included microphone is prampli very powerful, so that the guys who are habitus to the microphone volume and half the property must be set to a quarter that is all;)

The crossfader is very fast but I'm almost never used I do not know at all if he holds out.


For beginner it may be perfect despite the 2-band EQ just what needs a little but very good quality of output. Me I went over 3000 watts, the breath (the background) near zero, so silent on this point the mix is ​​good.


It's been a year since I have. No default report may be except that it should not
be violent when we remove the headphones to the headphone or microphone of the microphone jack as the two entrances are a bit fragile ... ...
This is a purchase that I would do even if it is better to add all the same 60/70 and take a little better.

djfunky77's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Stanton Magnetics SMX-201
Non-rack, 4in (2 phono and line), 1 out (output amplifier) ​​and the pr gnd 2 phono plugs that are really nothing more basic


Ms. too simple but it trs well to begin with, there's just that ki is no effect in May, reverse etc. ..


Standard will have one breath after 3 months or a big power amp and after 1 year we will thoroughly kan ak cross the road opposites is understood ..


It's been two years and this is my first model I made hip hop and pr jladorai The beginning in May after 6months-1year it my drunk parck there any curve on the cross, reverse, etc. .. c TABLE BASE .. faders are fast enough to break the cross, but is flexible and super rapid pr may not Longva and the micro must be far otherwise it inaudible trs!

DJXnorb's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Stanton Magnetics SMX-201
2-way line or phono + 1 mic
by RCA conections


Configuration very simple or too
everything is accessible and when you have already used a mixing desk, not need the user manual


The console has a sound pa too bad for the price, but the PB that is what expands well enough to attack an amplifier so it can puisssant saturates very quickly for me


It's been 18 months that I have, I like the Money (not to buy more of 90/100 euros!) But I do suporte over the two equalizers or was not high / medium / low then c ' is annoying to the mix as well as the headphone output too low otherwise the crossfader has not budged can see.
Now I 'with my neighbor uses an Ecler nuo 5 and it does not compare!
But I advise beginners to buy a three-way 150/160 euros in gemini example because even if the crossfader is weaker, the constituents are better!
So if you buy was not a lot of money and if there are mix with his room.

kjata's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Stanton Magnetics SMX-201
The console rack. There is a connection trs simple: 2phono, 2 line, 1 mic
everything is done Rca.
There is no effect or Intgr Systm send / return


The table is very easy to handle. All hands on the Systm of prcoute trs is intuitive and allows quick work trs headphone.
For the scratch, the crossfader is not adjustable, but it is very easy dmontable: there must be possibilities to replace Miss A model suprieur.
The eqs are typical hip hop, ad 2-band bass / med and med / high, so not really to mix in length and finesse.


The sound seems to me fairly neutral, even if not the best I've heard.
but hey I've seen much worse!


I have used for 3 / 4 months to make the transition from a pro ecler 40 and my Vestax PMC 37 pro ...
forcment is no comparison, but at prices either!
it has served me well for the troubleshooting, but this much, I think it's not bad for being hand tight budget, has leaves room to put the price on the decks that they require forcment a big investment.

THEbeast65's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Stanton Magnetics SMX-201
Rack Console
2 channels 4 inputs 1 output
RCA Connectors
No effects Intgr


Trs simple configuration.
Functions easily accessible.
No need to book.


The sound is generally good, however, it is unfortunate that the equalizer is not a three-way equalizer, for in two ways, it is little INTERESTED


I have been using for over a year
What I like most:
- Simplicitbr /> - Robustness
What I like least:
- No effect
- 2-way tone

I have not tried other models before

On a scale of 1 10, I will put 8 in the ratio Q / P.

Good food for beginners
tek house09/18/2004

tek house's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Stanton Magnetics SMX-201
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Cheap table to that is?

Now to start her should not pose too much prob but you soon is to say not directly limitier for those who will hang and want to start making art? I need regular. I need regular. !dropoff Window !dropoff Window !dropoff Window !dropoff Window