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Laney 2x12 Guitar Cabinets user reviews

  • Laney IRT212

    Laney IRT212 - " A view of a nine"


    I use it for about 8 months now, cabinet-level model I've tried the marshall, the EVH, Randall of ... etc. Level feature that I love most ... it is rather compact and light, what I like least, the room that are pretty cheap. (The bolt that retien i…

  • Laney LT212

    Laney LT212 - " Sound, its THE"


    I bought a year ago. I tried to find another model without a sound that has both ciolle his head during Lioheart lea. It is blue and beautiful ;-)), a bit expensive but are excellent HP ... excellent, one of the best on the market! …

  • Laney LT212

    Laney LT212 - " Huge"


    I use this cabinet for 6 months now, has bought a misery for Rid Euroguitar trans because the store for 2 years. So for special, bha is built like a panzer, but with a blue Tolex so adorned with a policeman and blinding blang reinforcing metal is s…

  • Laney GS212IE

    Laney GS212IE - " Strong!"


    No comparison for HP, my Laney is also equipped with a 70/80. Totally agree with Vincent.b33 regarding the connections and finishing. I just added it looks very sturdy and it is not ugly. Having a point of comparison (first cab), and being "compel…

  • Laney GS212IE

    Laney GS212IE - " very good speaker"


    I use it for a year, is I'm very happy to be there are 2x12 celestion 80w 70eighteens in 8homs, neat finish, it's a pretty versatile speaker I use in a variety of groups, rock and the used with a tt100h Laney, the speaker has multiple input …

  • Laney LT212

    Laney LT212 - jimilu's review


    I am not the owner of this cabinet .... but I will soon become!! This is the premium brand, the amplifiers of the series "lionheart" is the concentrated know-how Laney, tested for the little 5 watt is a killing, but I digress from the topic opinion…