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Laney user reviews

  • Laney CUB12R

    Laney CUB12R - "Laney Cub 12"


    I purchased this amp because it sounded great and the price was right. After a week or so the power supply would go off and on. I returned it and received another and the same thing happened. So I went with a Fender Super Champ X2. If this problem ha…

  • Laney TH16:2PD

    Laney TH16:2PD - "Digital reverb schematic diagram needed."


    I have a problem with this model. I would like to obtain the schematic diagram for the digital reverb if anybody might have it. The digital reverb is not working properly and my technician needs to have the user manual guide to find where the fault i…

  • Laney KB50

    Laney KB50 - "Excellent sound 12 inch speaker"


    Great sound, great build quality from a British built amp,Heavy not like the modern stuff, lovely sound from the 12" speaker,dual inputs,I have used the kb50 for the past year only for use but the sound quality from the speaker is really great, I hav…

  • Laney LA35C

    Laney LA35C - "Cheap and efficient"


    I bought it to complement a cheap rig for a few gigs as a guitar/voice duet. I’ve used it with a Cort AF510E and had the opportunity to hear a martin junior and a seagull played on it during gigs where we shared gears. That’s an honest amp which c…

  • Laney DP100

    Laney DP100 - "have it 23years, great amp..."


    100w into 8ohm UTILIZATION easy to it should be...still suits my needs as it retired to a practice amp SOUNDS musicman stingray, warwick thumb nt5. aria avb nt5...i only use it as a practice/house amp these days.. OVERALL OPINION have g…

  • Laney VC30-112

    Laney VC30-112 - "pretty clean amp"


    The Laney VC30 112. The amp uses 3 12AX7s and 4 EL84 tubes and delivers 30 watts of power through 12 inch speaker. The 16 ohm speaker is connected internally and there is an option for another 16 ohm external speaker to be connected that together tap…

  • Laney VH100RN

    Laney VH100RN - "Where is the beef"


    Laney amplification has been around for a long time. They were one of the first amplifier companies to really take the British voicing and compound on it. They're one of those companies that use that familiar British tone and gave it a lot more featu…

  • Laney LC30-112

    Laney LC30-112 - "The next level!"


    The Laney LC30 1x12 combo is the amp that picks up where the LC15 and LC15R left off. It's got a 12" speaker and puts out 30 watts of power as opposed to 15. It's two channels (separate clean and drive) and with the same core EQ controls and the reve…

  • Laney LC15R

    Laney LC15R - "A lil' tone machine"


    The Laney LC-15R is one of the smallest variants of the LC series line, which is noted for its more vintage styling and tone. This particular model is a single channel amplifier, putting out 15 watts of power that is run on EL84 tubes. It has a singl…

  • Laney LC50-112

    Laney LC50-112 - "Classic sound"


    I had Laney LC50 and sold it for tube sound.I got an AC15 and a bunch of pedals and played around but got frustrated with pedals because if I wanted to play many different styles I either had mess around with settings between (or during) songs. I mis…