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Laney Electronic instrument user reviews

  • Laney KB50

    Laney KB50 - "Excellent sound 12 inch speaker"


    Great sound, great build quality from a British built amp,Heavy not like the modern stuff, lovely sound from the 12" speaker,dual inputs,I have used the kb50 for the past year only for use but the sound quality from the speaker is really great, I hav…

Translated user reviews
  • Laney KC150

    Laney KC150 - " laney 150w KC 150 real ..."


    amp transistor 150 (real watts) cinch input jack xlr separated by channel equalizer and effective UTILIZATION super simple setup good sound and a small adjustment directly poffinera your signature no need for manual OVERALL OPINION I …

  • Laney KB80

    Laney KB80 - silvenard1's review


    80 watt transistor 4 channels including 3 for microphones! convenient to connect your choir during repeated UTILIZATION Simple config the sound is good and the amp delivers respectable power (great for repeated, especially for small concerts con…

  • Laney KB120

    Laney KB120 - funkygroovyrhodes's review


    For technical details, see below. 120W which allow sound to any concert dasn a bar / small room. 3 entries => very convenient for repeated UTILIZATION Setup could not be more simple: the jack, the jack and the jack yet. There is even the RCA …

  • Laney KB80

    Laney KB80 - funkyferier's review


    T all said just before. However, a small BMOL because when you plug the headphones the sound always comes out on the hp. Too bad when you want to play late at night without the neighbors embter ... especially not of xlr !!!!( even if!) UTILIZ…

  • Laney Session Keyboard

    Laney Session Keyboard - Berzin's review


    This amp is solid state, it displays a power of 120 watts. It has a reverb and an effect circuit, an input for CD or cassette player and an output. Note the presence of four inputs with separate setting. Each has a two-band equalizer (bass and treble…

  • Laney CK165

    Laney CK165 - Dr g's review


    Very disappointing, lack of power compared to an old laney linebacker 80 watt! good construction, but too heavy! the grid tends to vibrate in the low frequencies (even tighten all the screws!) purchase strongly recommended! UTILIZATION - OV…

  • Laney KB120

    Laney KB120 - Stigmates's review


    transistor amp 3 channels: 120 watts RMS A volume knob gnral, one of knob prsence and another for rverberation. Output lineout jack in the back, RCA lineout output front, effects loop: send / return. Remote: to connect an on / off swi…

  • Laney KB30

    Laney KB30 - yoyog's review


    Amplification standard. 30 W Rms. 1 Speaker 10 inches or 26cm. 2 Channels, by between 1 Channel. Each channel only one possde Gain. The SETTING THE reverb is dependant of the two channels and the SETTING THE BASS, and Treble. In connection, there is …

  • Laney KB50

    Laney KB50 - yoyog's review


    This is a keyboard amp. It is not light. It dlivre 50 Watts RMS with a speaker 12 inches or 31cm in Diameter, in a way. It has 2 channels with 2 inputs per channel for a total of 4 inputs in bulk. On each channel, there is also the 2 inputs Specifi…