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  • Harrison Information Technology LTD sp2000

    Harrison Information Technology LTD sp2000 - "Simply Perfection" has images


    As a DJ, I was looking for a modular mixer that gave me a lot more flexibility than those currently on the market. I was doing some complex shows in the 80s where I needed 2/3 mics and at least 2 X RIAA and 3 x Line I/Ps with I/P gains and remote sta…

  • Technics SH-MZ1200

    Technics SH-MZ1200 - "overall opinion of the technics sh mz1200" has images


    having not been impressed with cheap mixers in the past choosing and using a quality mixer is paramount. after using a technics sh-ex 1200 mixer for years being greedy i decided to buy a pioneer djm600 as this was club standard a the time and i was d…

  • Korg KM-402

    Korg KM-402 - "Versatile and easy to pickup 4 channel mixer"


    3x stereo RCA phono and line, 1x microphone on first channel, shared with line. There is RCA output to main, and RCA to booth. This unfortunately doenst have an special volume knob. UTILIZATION Yes, it takes a couple of tries to get the idea…

  • Tascam X-9

    Tascam X-9 - "Before its time, but now behind times. EQs!!" has images


    Standard size 12 inch ixer, Heavy as hell! feels good though, not cheap and plastic, but still wouldn't call it a complete tank, road worthy though. All standard connections. 1/4 headphones on face and front side, a touch I like as the cord gets in…

  • Pioneer DJM-500

    Pioneer DJM-500 - "Very good mixer!"


    Yes, it can be rack-mounted, with the mod. RCA, 1/4" jack and XLR connectors 4 channels, very practical The EQ is all right. It was more than enough back then and even today. Nice but limited effects section (although it's more than enoug…

  • Allen & Heath Xone:92

    Allen & Heath Xone:92 - "Xone 92 was the best in this range"


    The Allen & Heath Xone : 92 is a DJ mixer that cost almost 1500 USD but it is worth every single dollar. I knew from previous Allen & Heath units that this was going to be a great buy. After I purchased it (in 2008) I was very happy with my money tha…

  • Behringer DX2000USB

    Behringer DX2000USB - "This has it all"


    The Behringer DX2000USB mixer has 7 channels and it has very good audio outputs. This mixer is great for just about anything. It does not just have to be used for a DJ or club. It is also great to use for events and other similar activities. It has …

  • Pioneer DJM-700-K

    Pioneer DJM-700-K - "Used it with vinyl and CDJ platters"


    The DJM 700 K from Pioneer has effects built right into it like the phaser, flanger or crush effects and there are also 4 different patterns for sampling like the pitch up, pitch down, reverse and roll. I was very happy to use these effects because I…

  • Rane MP 2016A

    Rane MP 2016A - "3 band EQ on all channels"


    The Rane MP 2016a is a 6 channel mixer that has effects loops that can be switched and booth plus house outputs right on it. The mic preamp on this mixer is very good, nice an warm and it projects the sound cleanly. Each input on this mixer has a 6 p…

  • Allen & Heath Xone:S2

    Allen & Heath Xone:S2 - "Compressor/Limiter is great"


    The Allen & Heath Xone: S2 is a DJ mixer that can be racked. It has 2 mono mic inputs and 4 stereo dual input channels. There are a total of 5 outputs on this mixer. The audio signals that will come out of this unit are very clean. I have used it in …