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Technics SH-MZ1200
Technics SH-MZ1200
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« overall opinion of the technics sh mz1200 »

Published on 05/30/18 at 03:52
Value For Money : Excellent
Audience: Anyone
having not been impressed with cheap mixers in the past choosing and using a quality mixer is paramount. after using a technics sh-ex 1200 mixer for years being greedy i decided to buy a pioneer djm600 as this was club standard a the time and i was drawn in by the efx gimmic. due to not being impressed with the overall build or sound quality of the djm600 which is basicly a djm500 with a sampler i got rid and bought a second hand technics sh-mz1200 expecting the build and sound quality to be similar to that of the sh-ex 1200 and i wasnt wrong. this mixer is bomb proof!! the crossfader and masters can take a good smashing and eq`s are exellent providing gain as far round as the eq knobs will go. from reading the reviews of others on here regarding this mixer i question weather they have used one at all. the adjustable curve of the crossfader has 3 settings which are all precise "note other reviewers have missed this" and all the masters and crossfader can be reversed. the send/return for using an external efx unit are perfect. i used this mixer with a pioneer efx 1000, 2x pioneer cdj 1000 mk3`s and 2x technics 1210 mk2`s. basicly this mixer is idiot proof!!! the vu meter tells you the exact left and right output of the unit and the cue level is just as exact determined by your master/cue and how you use the trims. if you have any idea how to use a mixer then you shouldnt be having to look at fairy lights anyway. you can also use front and rear amplifiers and split the 2 so you have the front area playing 1 tune and the rear playing another not really needed but nice. if you want a mixer which has sound and build quality that you can literally kick the shit out of then no messing this is the one to have..

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