Technics SH-MZ1200
Technics SH-MZ1200

SH-MZ1200, 4+ Channel Mixer from Technics.

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breezanil 03/12/2005

Technics SH-MZ1200 : breezanil's user review


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Not much to say ....
5 master output with an XLR and 1 in symtrique numrique 44.1 16bit spdif, it's more convenient

small default (I think) saw the meter is to be inserted before the knob dpart master, no way to vrifier level actually sent the amp

also damage the mic (2) are in jack.


in fact it's my first console worthy of the name so no comparison with other models


-24 Eq / 24 effective
I did not feel dgradation of the audible signal introduced by the A / D and D / A

However the micro pramp death blow!


I have been 6 months now, no problem with the faders that are super soft (knock on wood)

I use to mix but the buddy has apprci scratcher.

as I said above is my first exprience with a proper table so my opinion is not forcment goal.

Overall I am very satisfied, I was looking for a sturdy table dj without gadgets rotten, and that can Integrates numrique in my home studio: it is!

if I had my choice again I would do the same even if I have a long hsit with Ecler nuo of 5